Grammy award-winning artist development and performance expert, KJ Rose is often referred to as “Talent Whisperer” With over 15 years in the world of music, she’s worked with big names such as Diddy, Janet Jackson, and many more of your favorite stars. Rose has just launched a book titled, “The Rose Effect: 8 Steps To Delivering the Performance of Your Life” to share her journey and unravel her layers of her own vulnerability with all readers. We caught up with her to discuss the exciting new book and much more!

How did you get into artist development and become a performance expert?

I began my career as a background singer for artists that include: Diddy, Heavy D., Carl Thomas, Mase, Kelly Price, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson and several others. This work was prevalent in helping me hone my craft as a solo artist and release my debut album “All Heart, No Regrets”. It took about 10 years to possess a sustainable confidence to create this album, and after touring for about a year, I was exhausted and felt I had completed the task. It was now time to explore some new ways of being an artist. The culmination of these experiences prepared me for my next assignment as an Artist Development and Performance Expert. It was Carolyn Williams from RCA Records who first hired me to work with talent at the label – while I simultaneously worked as Clive Davis’ assistant at J Records.  This training was pivotal in providing me the armor necessary to pour into artists of all disciplines.

Please tell us about your book, “The Rose Effect: 8 Steps To Delivering The Performance of Your Life.”

The Rose Effect will help you occupy your space in every room and on every stage. My signature identifiable force is immeasurable energy, and my goal is to help you identify yours. The Rose Effect provides anecdotal highlights of my journey that uncover layers of my own vulnerability. This book aims to provide you with the tools necessary to reconcile your internal narrative so that your external expression is explicitly and beautifully truthful.

photo by Tyree Vance

What do you hope each reader takes away from this book?

When the reader completes my book, my hope is that they are able to answer the following questions with a solid measure of certainty; Why You? Would you Choose You?
I want them to Identify and Abide in their Force!
I want them to Pre-Approve Themselves and never Outsource Their Win ever again!
Do you mind sharing why self-care is so important to you?

I am in the “Energy” business. My job is to infuse every artist with a level of kinetic energy until they are able to access their own. Self-care is imperative…and if I don’t pay attention, I will deplete my own resources and have nothing to give. It’s impossible to be effective as a coach without taking care of myself first.
What can we expect to see from KJ Rose in the future?

You can expect to see me jumping into unfamiliar waters, stretching comfort zones, and shocking the systems of performers every chance I get.

photo by Maya Darasaw

“The Rose Effect” is now available for pre-sale on Amazon.

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