We can never address the issue of self esteem enough. But first, we need to ask ourselves who is “They”  that we feel the need to compete with or compare ourselves too. Who is “They” that sets the standard of what is beautiful or not. It is very crucial that we have discussions with our ladies starting at a very young age being that social media plays a major part in our lives today.

Low self esteem can cause depression or suicide. Many of us have walked with our heads high but at some point feeling hurt inside. We must believe in ourselves but also encouragement to each other. One kind word could prevent another straw from breaking someone apart.

      I love to see the beauty of people
      If it’s on the outside with fashion
      Or on the inside with a heart of compassion
      It doesn’t matter the skin color
      Still to me could be a friend
      sister or brother
      Your hair can be blond, black,
      short or long
      Being comfortable within you
      can’t go wrong
      Never underestimate your ability
      Show the world God’s creativity
      If no one else does
      In yourself you have to believe
Written by: Melissa Wade
Photo Credits: Jabari Wade