“The Neighborhood Talk” founder and CEO Kyle Anfernee, works to keep people updated on what’s going on in pop culture and entertainment in a way they can understand and enjoy.

Who is Kyle Anfernee?

Kyle: Kyle Anfernee is someone you really have to get to know to understand. People have this perception of me on social media that I’m mean and messy and in reality, I’m one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I’m like a gentle butterfly. I like helping people and try to make sure everyone’s voice is heard on our platform fairly and daily.  I want everyone to win.

Can you tell us more about The Neighborhood Talk?

Kyle: The Neighborhood Talk is a media company that is growing daily. The name itself is pretty straightforward. Growing up all the kids in my neighborhood would congregate outside and we would talk about an array of things from celebrities, relationships, food, fashion, etc. I wanted to create an online community to bring our community together to protect our culture and hence The Neighborhood Talk was created.

What was the motivation to launch The Neighborhood Talk?

Kyle: The motivation to launch the Neighborhood Talk came after I was fired from my previous job. At the time, I wanted to show them and everyone else. Okay, you want to play with me now let me show you what I can do on my own. Take notes. And that’s exactly what’s been happening since.

What makes the Neighborhood Talk different and stand out from the rest? 

Kyle: What makes our platform different and stand out from the rest is that everyone actually likes working here, so even though it’s a job it’s really a hobby for everyone. When people like what they do it shows in their work ethic. Also, our unique style of captions sets us apart from the rest. Many have tried to duplicate our style, but they fall flat every time. Our team can whip a caption up that will have you asking, “Who wrote this caption?” Our main caption killer, DeAsia Robinson, is a beast.

What can we expect from The Neighborhood Talk in the future? 

Kyle: What you all expect from the brand in the future is to see us more on the video side. We will be launching a podcast soon so our followers can get a chance to get to know us better and so we can get the tea from some of your favorite celebrities.

Photo Credits: Kyle Anfernee