You may have seen the recent hashtags, #justiceforquella. Sadly, that pertains to the story of Shanquella Robinson whose life was taken during a trip in Cabo, Mexico. Robinson while on a group trip was alleged to have passed away from alcohol poisoning however, an autopsy revealed injuries to her back and spinal cord. Later, a video surfaced of Shanquella being attacked while clearly inebriated.

In a statement made by Robinson’s mother, Salamondra Robinson to CBS News, she shared,

“One of the guys supposedly was her best friend,” she said. “And he had went on family trips with us, you know? And he had been to the family house.”

Shanquella’s story has made waves throughout the internet. As the upsetting details unfold, her family has since made a GoFundMe page to cover her unexpected funeral costs. Today, NBA player Kyrie Irving donated $50,000 which took the internet by storm.

Irving who has been in the news lately after a social media post, was accused of anti-Semitic actions following the link of a movie in his bio. Kyrie will seemingly make a return to Nets on Sunday.

In my opinion, the actions shown by Irving were commendable and hopefully will help to provide more exposure to Shanquella Robinson’s case.

To donate to Shanquella’s GoFundMe, click here.