In a society where mental health often gets overlooked, LaCresha “Cree” Cunningham, LCSW, stands out as a powerful advocate. Internationally recognized as a speaker, academic presenter, researcher, and maternal health advocate, Ms. Cunningham has devoted over a decade to the social services sector. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Authenticity Coach, and Spiritualist, she focuses on mental health and wellness, making a real difference through her work.

As the Founder and Clinical Director of Healing Sacred Scars Holistic Wellness LLC, LaCresha helps clients heal emotional and psychological wounds with intuition and care. Her approach guides them toward new, purpose-driven phases of life. She blends spirituality, mental health, culture, and physical health to create a unique space for healing that highlights authenticity and individuality. 

LaCresha’s commitment extends beyond her private practice. She also founded The Healing Sacred Scars Foundation, a nonprofit that focuses on multigenerational impact and transformation through perinatal mental health services. The foundation supports women of color and families dealing with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, offering crucial help during tough times.

LaCresha’s expertise is supported by her extensive academic and professional background. She is licensed in three states and holds certificates and specialized training in military social work, perinatal mental health, and telehealth therapy. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at the Whitney M. Young Jr. School of Social Work at Clark Atlanta University, having previously earned her Master of Social Work from the University of Southern California and her Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Media Arts, and Theatre from Chicago State University.

Beyond her professional life, LaCresha is the proud mother of two sons, Makai and Dominic, who illustrated her cover design. Born and raised in Chicago and Calumet Park, Illinois, Cree loves traveling and is a dedicated foodie. Her ultimate mission is to raise the Earth’s vibration through her work, writing, and prayer, making a positive impact wherever she goes.

LaCresha “Cree” Cunningham embodies hope and healing in maternal mental health. Her dedication, compassion, and holistic approach leave lasting marks on individuals and communities. Through her work with Healing Sacred Scars Holistic Wellness LLC and The Healing Sacred Scars Foundation, she continues to improve mental health and well-being for women of color and their families, committed to authenticity, healing, and transformation.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Cree Cunningham