Sheen Magazine’s prestigious Top 23 Female CEOs to Watch is here! Women have made great strides in the business and entrepreneurial world, proving their exceptional capability and determination in breaking the glass ceiling and defying stereotypes.

Part 2 focuses on 23 female CEOs who are making significant strides in their respective industries. These women are not only thriving in their businesses but are also paving the way for other women to follow in their footsteps.

These CEOs hail from diverse industries, including fashion and tech, and are pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. They are coming up with innovative solutions to complex problems and advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion through their platforms.

At Sheen Magazine, we understand the value of uplifting and highlighting women in positions of influence and power. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of women leaders to strive for the top and not settle for less.

Without further ado, let us delve into part two of Top 23 Female CEOs to Watch and celebrate their tremendous accomplishments!

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Roni Bolton, FNP-C

CEO of PSRx Body & Skin

Roni Bolton, MSN, FNP, C is a board-certified nurse practitioner. Her patients lovingly call her Nurse Roni B. She opened PSRx Body and Skin in 2018 after gaining considerable experience in dermatology, plastic surgery, and aesthetic medicine. Nurse Roni B. received her Masters of Nursing Practice at Rush University in Chicago and is currently pursuing her doctorate. She has gained special clinical experience in dermatology through Illinois Dermatology Institute and Advocate Pediatric Dermatology and is a member of the Dermatology Nurse’s Association. Nurse Roni B. is married and resides with her husband, and daughter in Chicago, IL. She believes in the importance of educating her patients in order for them to advocate for their own dermatological health even outside of her office. Her slogan is. “Once I touch your skin it’s mines.”

What to watch for in 2023:

In 2023 Robin will be launching her second skin care line, Nurse Roni B. Skin Health and her professionals only Precise M.D Skin Health chemical peel.

2023 Tip For Women CEO’s:

When there is no lane, make your own lane.

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Demesheun Lee

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CEO of Healing Sistas Oasis and Spa LLC

Meet the healing BOSS. Demesheun is the owner and founder of Healing Sistas Oasis and Spa. What’s her passion?  To focus and create ways for individuals to heal their Mind, Body, and Spirit.

What to watch for in 2023:

What’s to come for Healing Sistas Oasis and Spa is Elevation. My business specializes in healing so everyone wants to be healthy and with my company; we don’t just help physically but mentally, emotionally, and Spiritually.

Advice for 2023 Women CEO’s:

Always stay persistent and stick to the plan. No matter how hard it may seem or how difficult it may get. Stay focused and no matter what believe in yourself.

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Nastarsha Nirvana Brown

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CEO of N Star Life Industries LLC

Meet Janovia: Nastarsha Nirvana Brown’s name says it all!  To know her is definitely a privilege and to experience her is pure bliss!  Her optimism, confidence, raw talent, authenticity, and inviting spirit will captivate all she encounters! She lives a life that is devoted to God and her family. A shining example of what unconditional love and perseverance should resemble.

Growing up in Englewood, Chicago, she was a part of a big family. The women in her family encouraged her to be innovative, creative, and to dream big; which afforded her the space to discover her natural talent for design.

As a retired Navy Senior Chief (Top Enlisted Leader), she served for 20 years to include a successful deployment in Afghanistan as a Respiratory Therapist. Led, managed, and motivated over hundreds of junior Sailors to be the absolute best at their jobs, which is a true example of hard work, dedication, and the level of care she applies to everything she accomplishes. A true trailblazer indeed!

Life after retirement from the US Navy, Nastarsha started her entrepreneurship journey 10 years ago while still active duty Navy. She became an established Real Estate Investor owning multiple million dollar properties in Southern California.  Additionally, she loves interior design and remodeling properties.

What to watch for in 2023:

Currently working on purchasing a vineyard estate in Wine Country. An owner of multiple Short Term Rentals/Airbnb’s. Also a personal and business credit expert. She’ll be launching some amazing courses to help other women learn how to earn multiple streams of income and diversify their finances. She’s currently completing a couple high-end renovation properties in Southern California.

Advice for 2023 Women CEO’s:

You have to wake up every day and say, “I deserve” then work toward whatever it is you deserve.

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IG @nastarsha_nirvana IG: @nstarlife FB Biz page: @nastarsha nirvana twitter: @NastarshaB

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Sky Culverson

Ceo of Skys Diamond Financial

Meet Sky: I grew up on the south side of Chicago, & a mother of 4 beautifully wonderfully made children..I’ve always had the passion to help, give or volunteer my time to those in need, it has always brought an inner joy that’s indescribable. Although growing up in Chicago has had their challenges it molded me into becoming the Entrepreneur you see standing here today.. I understood the lack of financial literacy that lead to poverty in our community that prompt me to become an Insurance agent & Investment advisor in 2006.. I have contribute my time & effort in underserved communities to teach & educate on the power transformation of wealth through life insurance policies and Investments leaving an inheritance for generations to come..My #1 Goal is to protect your assets while building wealth and I have been doing just that for over 15 years…

What’s to come in 2023?

In 2023 Skys Diamond Financial aim to teach & educate more in the community on the importance of owing an Annuity, especially for Entrepreneurs setting themselves up for retirement, annuity’s are structure to pay a Guaranteed lifetime of income.. However Annuity’s are not just for adults but also for children ages 0-17.. My team & I want to educate/teach children, teens & young adults the importance of financial literacy, maybe even making it part of their schools curriculum starting in 2023..

Advice for women in your industry?

On your best day hold your head up and smile & on your roughest day hold your head up and How can readers connect with you (Social Media)

IG: Skys diamond Financial, Facebook: Skys Diamond Financial


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 Ashly Tucker

CEO of Ashly The Realtor

Meet Ashly: Working with the best in the business is the only choice in real estate today. Working with Ashly Tucker you have an intelligent, savvy and experienced Realtor who prides herself on staying current with Real Estate trends. Her client’s complete satisfaction is her number one goal.

Ashly began her professional career as a Compliance Auditor for a mortgage company. She quickly learned that she enjoyed all aspects of purchasing and selling of Real Estate. Ashly eventually moved to a position that required her to work directly with FNMA and FDMC. It was there she determined that her heart was in real estate.

What’s to come in 2023?

The expansion of Ashly and Associates LLC. This is my property management company that helps my clients with Commercial Properties. Ashly the Realtor helps Clients find investment properties that create passive income. Ashly and Associates LLC manages those properties.

Advice for women in your industry?

Focusing on other people makes you question your wins. Focus on beating yesterdays you.

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CEO of: The BizMedia Group

Meet ThatGirlOlivia from California from IT tech yo Magazine owner to now an on air radio personality for soul106.3 the ownership club as well as on the morning Jumpoff with ChiBlizz on MyRadioChicago and runs her own show called a few queens in a pod with 5 ladies where they get real raw and uncut.

Olivia also does motivational speaking and is definitely into the women empowerment movement. She works for S.T.O.N.E.S Inc as a marketing consultant to help bring the gap between Africans and African Americans.

From hosting big consternation and stage shows to directing music videos and volunteering for PEBBLES monthly popup shop for kids. Olivia prides her self in helping others see there greatness .

What’s to come in 2023? What makes you a must-watch business trailblazer?

Life of A Radio Girl YouTube  and Tubby series. In 2023 because it’s time for a change every where. Times are changing people are changing and I fit the change. The growth the level up that I intent on helping each inspiring business owner in the entertainment industry. I

Advice for women in your industry?

You are everything and no matter how bad it gets know you got this and remember your WHY

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Fb Olivia Shiel IG ThatGirlOlivia_ca