*phone rings* 

“Let me tell you ’bout this guy that I met.”

“What up L? I hope you talking ’bout a guy with a check!”


If you haven’t heard this viral TikTok sound to the tune of “Get You Home” by Foxy Brown- you will. And the creator just released a new mixtape for our listening pleasure.


Rapper, songwriter, poet and published author Lady London reached acclaim on social media by remixing some of today’s most classic tunes. After her poetry video went viral in 2018, Lady London decided to end her college career as a Master of Science and follow the mic. Since then, she’s received nods from entertainment greats like Gabrielle Union, Nas, Diddy, Cardi B and more. 

“Lady Like: The Boss Tape” is an official foreword and graceful closing to a well-receptive era for the east coast artist. The 13 track project features Lady London’s most popular freestyles with added verses and never before heard material. 


Lady Like: The Boss Tape Tracklist

1. Viral

2. Long Live Shamello

3. Yikes

4. Lemon Pepper, Wet

5. Lady What, Lady Who?

6. All I See

7. Black Love

8. Buss It/Ski

9. Welcome To The Party

10. You’re Still Mine ft. Makaela

11. Reciprocity

12. Girl Like Me

13. Lisa’s Story ft. Dub Aura


“Lady Like: The Boss Tape” is streaming on all platforms.

Photo Credit: Steph Paul