If eyes are the windows to the soul, then lashes are the veils! Not only do falsies enhance natural lashes, but they also reveal personality and style. From the most charismatic to the introverted, we’ve listed some of i-ENVY’s best false eyelash collections and styles for every personality in your clique. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably resonate with more than one! Each and every iEnvy lash design is affordable, use high-quality materials, and has been pro makeup artist-approved. Keep reading for our top picks! Which friend are you?


The Social Butterfly

The fluffiest and wispiest of lashes belong to the life of the party. That’s why the Mink Impact 09 from the Mink Impact Collection is perfect for girls who want noticeable but not overbearing eyes. The collection features Vegan Mink lashes with maximized soft fluffiness to create a 3D mink-link effect. Plus, keep those lashes secure from convo to convo all night with the super strong hold V-Luxe Biotin Strip Lash Glue. A gentle formula infuses the adhesive with biotin and blueberry extract to promote lash growth.


The One Who’s Brash With Class

Everybody has (and needs) that alpha female friend who wants all of the smoke. If you are that friend or have your moments, i-Envy’s V-Luxe Noir De Noir Blackest Black Lashes are perfect for those with a spicy side. These four styles scream confidence with an intense black color for a faux mink look that gives the drama we love. Our fave Noir Lace has a plush effect with multiple lengths, curls, and angles giving you a bold and sexy appeal. The soft, matte lash fibers also feature weightless volume for ultimate comfort.

The Fashionably Late Friend

She might be an hour late…but she looks fabulous. For the girls who are particular and like to take their precious time when getting ready, you’ll love i-Envy’s Mink Impact 02 from the Mink Impact 3D Collection. These statement lashes are stunning, plus they’re easy to apply to when in a rush!

The Flirt

For the romantic with charm, the Mink Impact 01 gives just enough flare and flutter needed for both day and night outings. The multidimensional volume will give your eyes that extra sparkle and sultry look to elevate your natural beauty.

The Free Spirit

Down to try something new? Add some character to your lashes with i-Envy’s V-Luxe Masterpiece Collection. These high-end Mink lashes will quench your adventurous side with styles that’ll mesmerize everyone in the room. Our favorites Bouquet of Diamonds and Endless Sparkle go great with any look you’re rocking and are one-of-a-kind just like you. Bouquet of Diamonds is adorned with crystals for an ultimate star-studded look.

The Endless Sparkle lash style adds a touch of shine with a diamond-shaped rhinestone.

The (Low) Drama Queen

If you’re an introvert or prefer the lowest of maintenance, you might not be comfortable with over-the-top makeup looks on a regular basis or even on special occasions. Either way, i-Envy’s V-Luxe 3D Extended DIY Lash Extensions will help you look effortlessly put together. Accomplish a classy lash look that lasts for days. For my simple living sistas, these are definitely worth a try. I love these extensions because they come in clusters making the application process quick and hassle-free. The 3D Extension lashes add maximum glamour and volume without the damages, the mistakes, the smudges, or the strips. For natural-looking and seamless results, the V-Luxe Extended Bond & Seal locks the lashes into place for longer wears.

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Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels