LaShana West is a Business Therapist and Mindset Mentor, who strives to help ambitious women remove the mental blocks so they can soar in life and business. She has been able to impact 1000’s of women in the entrepreneurial space surrounding her expertise of being a Business Therapist, Mindset Mentor and Business Coach. Her ultimate goal is to help women leverage their resiliency story and soar in life and business!

As we recently celebrated Women’s History Month, what did that month mean to you? 

Women’s History Month is pulling back the drape of the impact that we make as women.  We have been making an impact ever since we were created in the womb and I think that sometimes we work so hard that we think it is normal because we are capable,  but we must give ourselves credit because if it was easy……everyone would be doing it.  Women are the core to making the world go round.  We can make a meal from ”scratch” by diffusing a situation that may end up being something very dangerous.  Our minds are magical.  Our fortitude and intuition is unmatched.  I could go on and on!

How have your efforts impacted women over the past year?

Whew… much time do we have.  I think when I got the courage to step out and serve ambitious women I cracked the code.  I activated something in me that was dormant.  Something that was tamed due to my focus on climbing the Corporate America ladder.  When I was able to say “yes” to myself I said yes to so many women. The impact was helping them to see their value, serving as an example to what BOLD and BRAVERY really looks like.  And ultimately helping them stand full in their power as creative women so they can make an impact as well.

Any mindset advice for women that feel discouraged this season?

Oh yes!!  This is my jam.

1- Give yourself grace.  Everything will not be perfect.

2- Take risks because a broken heart of regret will start to spill into your soul.

3- Put yourself first, no matter the cost and no one is exempt.  Not even your own children

What is next for you in 2022 and how can readers connect with you online? 

I am on a mission to help 1000 ambitious women SCALE in life and business by learning how to tame their mind and build the courage to stand full in their power. Connect with me on social @mswestcreativecoach and

Photography Credit: Jawaniecika Bryant