Wife, mother of four, and CEO. Those are just a few words to describe Latia Vaughn. The CEO of The UNetwork, founder of REDISCOVER U movement, and creator of The Pusher’s Academy is here to share her story. Not only is she passionate about helping others spiritually and mentally, but she’s on a mission to encourage others to stay spiritual and mentally fit during our current pandemic. See our exclusive interview with Vaughan below!

Tell us what made you want to become a life coach and mentor?

Well, to be completely honest, I became for others what I needed in my life during a time when I was lost, confused and had more questions than answers. No matter what phase of life I was in, or what “role” I was playing, the moments I experienced the most trials, mistakes and self-sabotage, was during the times when I didn’t have a mentor, accountability partner or anyone in place to give me guidance during those critical times of growth and expansion. That is how the Dream Pusher emerged. And, every day my passion to help people and businesses evolve grows stronger with every victory. 

What inspired you to create the UNetwork?

The inspiration came from the desire to create a singular space to house all of our products, resources and experiences for our customers and clients. Here at the UNetwork, it is all about creating the ultimate “ME” experience.

So, whether it’s image consulting, branding, strategy for scaling your business, marketing plans for product launches, creating safe communities for women, moms, and entrepreneurs to connect; building courses for personal/professional growth and spiritual elevation, or LIVE event’s to illuminate your mind to expand your human potential, the UNetwork was designed to get YOU together.  In every sense of the word!

Can you tell us about the REDISCOVER U movement? 

Now, REDISCOVER U is my special baby. This is where it all started. I realized I had the responsibility to discover who I was before I could discover anything else. So, REDISCOVER U is for the individual who looks around and says “I know there must be more to life than this!” It’s for anyone who desperately desires to know his or her purpose, and it’s for anyone who seeks to have more fulfillment in life! What started off as a 21Day online journey back in 2013, turned into a movement where CEO’s, religious leaders, creatives, stay at home mom’s and every day people have collided with self-discovery! Every time I think back to 2013 and where we are today, my heart becomes so full because I almost gave up. I almost gave up on the very door that opened all of the other doors for me. REDISCOVER U started my legacy; and when we receive reports, testimonies, and updates from high level executives who wanted to take their own life- before discovering they were more than just a title and had more to give in this life, from husbands and wives who rediscovered who they were as individuals and now they are working together to rebuild their marriage, from mom’s and housewives who rediscovered their sexy, their zeal for life and their passion to push for the things they’ve always wanted to do…

All of it makes every tear I’ve cried, every mistake I’ve made and every small victory I’ve won during my own process worth it, because it led me to them. It led me to all of you! 

You created a virtual campus to accelerate personal, spiritual, and professional growth. Can you tell us about it?

Before the pandemic, I knew online learning was a growing space with infinite potential that would allow those with premium content and resources the opportunity to cast a wider net for their audiences. From there, we created The Pusher’s Academy – which is our virtual campus for online learning and personal/professional development. Recently we have been filming and building incredible content surrounding building and scaling your business, publishing your books, wealth creation, how to destroy self-sabotage, the power of belief and the untapped potential of your sub-conscious mind, and we are so excited about our new launch of courses and resources!

What advice would you give our readers to stay spiritually and mentally fit during this pandemic?

Without a doubt, I would say, “CREATE THE DISTANCE!”

Whenever you have a negative thought that’s connected to an emotion, it becomes very real in your mind because it feels real. And the truth is, our thoughts feel real because we keep them so close! Overtime, whatever we give our time and attention to expands; and now what was once just a thought has now manifested into your physical world. That is the danger in holding onto negative thoughts and images.

So, I’m challenging you, starting this week to create the distance! Just like when an airplane is grounded, everything is close and can often appear much larger. However, when the plane rises, the higher it goes, the smaller those items become. It doesn’t remove them immediately, but the distance created makes them become more and more insignificant.

Therefore, whenever negative, self-limiting and doubting thoughts try to arise and take root, CREATE THE DISTANCE…
Negative Thought ➡ Read a Book!
Negative Thought ➡ Call a trusted friend!
Negative Thought ➡ Write down what you’re looking forward to this year!
Negative Thought ➡ DANCE or play music!
Negative Thought ➡ Listen to your favorite motivational influences or podcast!
Negative Thought ➡ Pray or meditate!
Negative Thought ➡ Watch your favorite movie!
Negative Thought ➡ Exercise!
Negative Thought ➡ Open up the blinds! Or go outside to get some sunshine!

Negative Thought ➡Count up every blessing you have in your life right now!
Negative Thought ➡ Remind yourself of the beautiful future that’s ahead!

Let nothing get in the way between you and your amazing future! Create the space.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Right now we have a few juicy treats we’re getting ready to serve! We are gearing up for our 2021 LIVE experience “Illuminate” Where we awaken your senses, while exploring the depths of your human potential… Mind. Body. Soul. It is quite the visual and soul stirring experience! We are also excited about the expansion of the Pusher’s Academy and new course rollouts, as well as our class of 2021 mentorship program! Women have been signing up all throughout the year just to get on the waitlist for our next enrollment. In all that we are doing, our goal is to keep the main thing, the MAIN thing! And, that is to change lives… one business at a time, one person at a time.

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