Delon Om and BenAnthony Lavoz came together this past summer to create a hit album that would transcend English and Spanish airwaves. The twosome came together after Delon’s producer recommended he take advantage of the pandemic and let the creative juices flow. Delon instantly messaged BenAnthony on instagram, but it was not until his girlfriend requested a collaboration that BenAnthony saw this as a fruitful opportunity. From there, the two exchanged heartfelt words and agreed to come up with something incredible.

Lavoz was accustomed to working in Spanish as he had submerged himself in the Latin community, so he was more than happy to accept verses written by Delon. He had toured with the likes of Shakira and Fat Joe in the past so he was anxious to cross into unknown territory. Luckily for him, they wished him luck on his new journey and wisely advised him to never lose who he was. Om and Lavoz took one year to make the album, making soulful tunes and strengthening their own bond along the way.

They hope that with their album, their collective fans can find a way to escape the madness of everyday life. Delon encourages those who wish to follow in their footsteps to take advantage of their time and place emphasis on their craft. They both believe that if they can create an album and three music videos all in the middle of a global pandemic, anyone can do anything. Both BenAnthony Lavoz and Delon Om are looking forward to creating a stripped down version of their album, The Gentleman and Scholar. Fans will want to keep an eye on their social media accounts to follow their journey, @Delon_om and @BenanthonyLavoz.


Featured Image provided by Delon Om and BenAnthony Lavoz