Daisy Cabral, owner of Bella All Natural, got her start in an area known as the callejones The callejones are popular alleyways where vendors sell many products. As a first generation American, Daisy was taught the importance of nature and the art of the hustle by her mom. She is now a Latina millionaire with one of the fastest growing companies in America.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got startedā€¦

So, I got started in my business in 2014. Since then, I’ve been on the Forbes List. I’ve been able to hit INC 500 as the number 72 fastest growing company in America. We just opened our office in Mexico, and we have three retail locations in the United States.

I started from selling these natural supplements alongside my mother in the flea market when I was about ten years old. And at the age of 22, I would say, is when I moved to Los Angeles to start my business of Bella All Natural. And that’s what it’s grown into.

Can you tell us more about Bella Natural?

We sell natural supplements. We sell weight loss, detox, and multivitamins. We are placed in the heart of downtown LA. But we’ve expanded to shipping throughout all USA and all of Mexico. We have a warehouse that’s run by a family in Fresno, and that’s where we ship out all our orders. Our demographic is mostly Hispanic.

Your focus is helping people transform their lives. How are you doing that?

We offer natural supplements that are made of the highest quality, and our products are specialized to help women of any type lose weight. So, for example, we have women who suffer from depression, anxiety, people who suffer from people that suffer from not being able to take caffeine. And we specialize a lot in being able to have products that are not so much like a diet pill per se.

All our products are natural. But the reason why ours is so special is because we specialize in making it fun. For example, we’ll have an iced coffee or lemonade instead of a diet pill. So, we take off that taboo of taking a diet pill and we make it into something that’s enjoyable for the family by drinking a lemonade or a nice coffee.

I see you have shampoos and conditioners. Are you looking to merge into the beauty sector?

It is all in one. So, our focus is having a healthier lifestyle and vitamins being healthy. We also have a line of beauty that we’ve had since we started. The weight loss has been what customers are more leaning towards, but we’ve always offered things such as beauty like shampoos, cream, tanning lotions, oils. We offer a little bit of everything. So, we like to have our customers be able to come in and take what it is that they need and be like a one stop shop for all your beauty and wellness needs.

What advice would you give to young Latina girls or women of color or anybody who’s looking to be a successful entrepreneur?

Being able to provide something that’s different. For us, what was different was the type of fat burners that we offer. We weren’t just focused on the regular fat burning pill. We made it fun. We made it something acceptable like having eliminate where you can take it out during your lunch hour in front of your coworkers and make it a fun topic. And instead of a taboo where it’s like, oh my God, Stacey is taking a diet pill, she must want to learn. Lose weight. Now it’s more of like, oh, Stacey, what type of lemonade do you have? Let me have some. And it makes it a little bit more acceptable. But for us, it was doing something different that other companies weren’t doing. We’re the first to be able to offer an iced coffee to lose weight. We’re the first to offer an iced lemonade to lose weight. And I would give them the advice of being able to start with something that’s unique in the market. Because once it’s something that’s unique, you’re going to have a broader audience and to stay consistent and to always promote yourself on social media because it’s free.

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