We all love hearing a good entrepreneurial story while gleaning from the shift of trials to triumph. Indeed, these stories deserve recognition, but we must also give applause to the corporate workers and leaders in the non-profit sector. There’s much to be gleaned from employees like LaTonya Spencer who spends her days making a difference in the lives of youth.

LaTonya is a Ruston, Louisiana native who has been employed at Louisiana United Methodist Children and Family Services for 17 years. That’s 17 years of service, leadership, dedication, and influence in the lives of youth. From providing administrative supervision to the staff, ensuring efficient team operations, coordinating team functions and activities to enhance the quality of treatment that the youth receive, to also serving as a therapeutic crisis intervention instructor, LaTonya is a leader in every way.

LaTonya is enthusiastic about the work that she does, as well as the youth and staff that she serves. She has dedicated her diverse pursuits to ensuring that her staff as well as the youth are safe and have what they need  to work and live at the facility in Louisiana.

LaTonya describes her work as rewarding, which demonstrates her passion and dedication to her career. “I get to see how much of an impact I have on the youth daily. Rewarding to say the least.”

LaTonya reminds us that to be a great leader one must have a desire to embrace their role as a leader. She states, “leadership is not a designation. It’s integrity. It’s honesty, commitment, patience, and strength rolled into the character of an individual.” She considers her role as a leader to be one of a teacher, motivator, and listener. “By teaching, motivating, and listening, I am empowering others.”

Her firm belief in Jesus Christ coupled with her prayer life and worship empowers her to lead even during challenging times at her job.

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