Lava Bentley is a rapper and entrepreneur, with his own clothing brand called Lava Streetwear. The brand is directly inspired by Lava’s undeniable drive and hunger for success, whether it’s music, clothing, or anything he sets his mind to. 

Hailing from Virginia but now finding his new home in Los Angeles, his name is directly inspired by bridging the gap between Los Angeles and Virginia: LA & VA. After spending three years in prison at age 19, Lava quickly bounced back by moving to California to pursue his dreams of becoming an entertainer. 

Now, he returns with his newest single titled “Watch The Speed.” The title itself stems from the actions of the Virginia state police, who is best known for pulling you over speeding. He even created his own Watch The Speed Dickie jackets, using his clothing as a marketing tool to promote the new release.

Speaking on the song, Lava states, “When fans listen to ‘Watch The Speed’, I want them to be focused and motivated to hustle, ready to accomplish whatever they want to do. It’s a high energy song, created to help you chase your dreams.”

“Watch The Speed” serves as Lava’s favorite song off his forthcoming EP titled Lava Nation Motivation.