Wilfredo Rosa and Lindsey Smith are the standard when it comes to breaking down barriers in a market that tries so hard to keep minorities out. Not only are they making sure they’re educating communities about the benefits of using CBD, Rosa and Smith are also the first minority couple in the south to launch a CBD dispensary that’s located in Charlotte, NC. Lavender House CLT offers top quality CBD themed merchandise that you can’t find anywhere else from CBD soap to lotion and hand sanitizer. I got the chance to ask the history-making couple a few questions about Lavender House CLT’s success.

The global CBD market is extremely hard for minorities to become apart of. How did you guys, not only get your start, but thrive so fast?

Together, we have been in the cannabis industry for 25 years pioneering in health and wellness. As minorities we understand the barricades the industry puts up in front of us. With marketing and branding backgrounds, we are setting trends in the lifestyle Cannabis culture.

How imperative was it to use high quality full spectrum CBD in your products? Do you believe it’s one of the reasons for Lavender House CLT’s success?

It was very imperative that we use high quality full spectrum products. As a business, we preach the importance of the medical and health benefits of CBD. It only makes sense that we do use high quality products. Yes, we feel highly confident about All of Our full spectrum and broad-spectrum tincture oils that is used in all of our CBD products. 

Now that you both are a part of history, what’s Lavender House CLT’s mission?

Lavender’s House CLT slogan is “Cannabis Meets Community”, but our mission is to

educate the community on CBD and not marijuana psychedelic effects of Marijuana. CBD is a health and wellness for alternative medicine.

Tell us about some of your high-quality products and how readers from around the world can support your business. 

Our full spectrum CBD oil is infused in products ranging from CBD oil, CBD pet oil, CBD lotion, CBD soap, CBD bath bombs, CBD candy, CBD pain roll-on CBD face wash, CBD hand sanitizer, CBD nano cream, Boutique hemp flower, CBD infused juices, and CBD Lifestyle Custom T-Shirts! Customers can visit our website or visit our Instagram.

Any advice for other minorities trying to get their foot in the CBD market?

Absolutely! Our advice would be to always educate yourself with CBD, the CBD products and how it affects the body. Also, do your research on location areas meeting CBD Needs, and never take No for an answer! 

All images provided by Lavender House CLT