“Wolomi is the only digital community created by a registered nurse of color, for women of color.” Recently honored by Google’s Black Founders Fund, this groundbreaking app has the sole focus is to improve the maternal health outcomes for women of color by providing access to maternal health experts, events, and a community of amazing women. Wolomi was created by Layo George, a proud registered nurse, wife, and mother.

Layo George always knew she wanted to be a nurse, as she trained to become a midwife, she realized she was called to help larger groups of women at a time. While she was pregnant, Layo decided to pursue her Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration. During that time Layo felt the only thing on her birth plan was to not die, because of her experience during her midwife training and education, she knew the unfortunate associated risks and statistics of Black women during childbirth. Statistically the mortality rate of Black mothers during childbirth is significantly higher than their counterparts, mostly due to the difference in treatment and care.

Layo decided to take a sabbatical to focus on her pregnancy and taking hold of her birth plan so she could have a positive experience. During her sabbatical Layo wanted to connect with other Black mothers to be, so she created a small group, initially wanting everyone to walk and speak to the women and disabuse them of a negative outlook on pregnancy and motherhood. Layo wanted women of color to enjoy their pregnancies and childbirth experience too. The group quickly grew and catapulted Layo into the tech space to get more women of color connected.

Wolomi is a mobile app for women of color who feel unheard or simply want support during their pregnancy to get connected with health experts and a community to feel joy and have better outcomes during their motherhood journey. The app is mainly education and guidance based with the ability to speak with doulas, nutritionists, midwives, pediatricians, OB-GYN, and other mothers. Wolomi is a safe space for women to get advice on how to advocate for themselves with their healthcare providers and even connects women through events with therapists to cater to members’ mental health.

Be sure to download the Wolomi app, it’s free, members of the app have amazing resources available to them to shift the narrative around motherhood for women of color.