Layton Greene is back and better than ever.

Serving as Quality Control’s R&B Princess, the St. Louis, Missouri native exploded onto the scene with her viral smash, “Leave Em Alone,” tapping Hip Hop heavyweights Lil Baby, City Girls, and PnB Rock. The song’s official music video currently boasts over 74 million views and counting.

Fast forward to 2024, Layton Greene is glowing as she steps into this new chapter of motherhood. Her son Lyrix gives her nothing but joy and purpose, an uncompromised energy that funnels directly into her new music. Her most recent singles include “Cinderella Story”, “Spin Again”, and “Something” — reminding folks she’s here to take the R&B world by storm once again.

Sheen had the pleasure of catching up with Layton Greene during her few days in Los Angeles for Grammy week. Read below as we discuss


How’s LA treating you? 

I love it out here. I really want to move to LA.  Honestly the first couple times that I came here, I didn’t really like it. But coming here now and having the experience I am now with the people that I’m around, I love it. 

You’re in Atlanta right? 

I’m in Atlanta. When I’m here, I’m more inspired.

“Cinderella Story” out now. What inspired this record?

I have my own Cinderella story. Me and my child’s father, we go way back. I met him when I was homeless and going through it. He was a producer in the city already, so he worked with all the local artists. I had never really took singing serious, it was just something that I always loved to do. He was the first person outside of my family to say “Yo, you’re really dope. You can really sing and you can really make a living out of this.” That’s how we started, it wasn’t even nothing like that. But fell in love through the process of that. I’d go to his house, record. I feel like he was saving me, like Cinderella. 

How’s it feel to have a child together? 

I love him! He literally lights up my world. He brought me so much inspiration. So much resilience, so much patience. Just motivated me to keep going, because it’s been a while since I’ve been back.


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How did motherhood change your life? 

In so many ways. Not to sound cliche, but he literally saved my life. Before I found out was pregnant with him, I was really in a deep dark space. When I found out I was pregnant, I’m like God, what you doing? [laughs] What’s going on? This has gotta be a joke. Because I was on the edge, but God obviously knew what I needed. 


Was it music industry stuff, or personal life? 

I’d say personal, maybe a little bit of industry. More so childhood traumas. Coming back and realizing I hadn’t really healed from it. Covid is really what knocked me down. Once I took off in 2018, I really hadn’t been able to sit down and I had just became an adult. I didn’t realize how much of my childhood trauma was affecting my adult career. COVID really put me in a dark space.

Did you go to therapy or anything?

I did try therapy. I do want to get into therapy, but I did a lot of self-healing things. 

Have you heard of shadow work

Yes, I’m actually doing that now. 



“Spin Again,” did you spin the block?

Yes, I definitely did. A few times, I’ll say with my child’s father. But apparently I’m single, I’m trying to do some new things. I don’t want to spin no more blocks. [laughs] But we all have those moments… yeah. I definitely did a few times.



“Something” is my favorite record of yours. Bring us back to when you made this one.

I had help on this record. I got the hook from Will Gettins. He sent me the hook and I said this is fun! I was in that dark space, and I was pregnant. I want to do something fun to uplift my spirits. I had my homeboy in town and we literally recorded the verses in my living room. It was just fun. I wanted something uptempo, I wanted to have fun. It was a great song, good vibes. ‘Cause I was making really dark, deep music at the time. [laughs] Really wanted to change the tempo.

What are your beauty go-to’s? 

I use Fenty, love Fenty. I also love Juvia’s Place. It’s affordable and it’s great. I just started using powder puffs and beauty blenders. I’m learning how to use brushes now, I really use brushes beforehand.

Do you do your own makeup or do you do glam? 

I didn’t do this today girl. I wish I did, but I do be doing my own makeup. I do it at home every day. I think I do pretty good, not like this though. [laughs] 

How would you describe your fashion? 

Really street urban. I like oversized tees, jackets. Just swag. I love sneakers, I’m a sneakerhead. My favorite sneakers are Jordan 1’s. 

How many sneakers you got?

Girl, I just moved and I had a lot of my shoes in the storage. I didn’t realize how many shoes I have, and I have so many multiples. Honestly, I probably got 300 pairs of sneakers. I’m not even kidding. Deadass.

3 things you need the studio at all times? 

Hot tea. Water. Candles. It’s really nothing too crazy or major, and I do write on pen and paper. I’ve been writing on my iPad lately though, everything’s digital now so.

What can we expect from your project? 

Real, raw. Just me, vulnerability. I’m vulnerable in my records. Also where I’ve been. I’m explaining where I’ve been.

I mean, you had a whole child. 

Mmhmm, right! 

Anything you’re excited for besides music?

I do want to get into acting. I was doing auditions prior to me getting pregnant, prior to falling into depression. I meet with the agency on Monday. I want to get into that, so hopefully you guys can see me in some shows and movies soon.

Any goals for yourself? 

Yes, but I really don’t be liking to share my goals. Low key. I just want to keep progressing, really keep flourishing really. Not only for myself, but for my son now. 

Shout out to Lyrix!

Right? Yes! 


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Layton Greene