This dynamic trailblazer is leading by example.  In 2022, he set a goal to help over 100 families by helping them build a legacy.  At the time of the interview, Mr. Hill had surpassed his goal.  He’s running the race and bringing other phenomenal men and women along with him.

From Deerfield Beach, FL, Mr. Hill shared his experiences as a younger man growing up in Florida.  Like many, he wasn’t handed a silver spoon while growing up.  Mr. Hill shared how he had to work extremely hard while as a young man.  Although both parents had jobs, they still lived as most families do today – from paycheck to paycheck.  Over the years, there were up and downs in families’ finances, including periods, when Mr. Hill saw his family struggle.

He was faced with a decision – either go to college, play sports, sell drugs, or find a job.  At the time entrepreneurship was something he was exposed to so Weston played football and earned a full scholarship to Hampton University to play football.   After graduating from Hampton University, he spent several years in corporate America until he decided to take a chance on entrepreneurship and opened his first tax office.  Life happened and things changed for the worst with Mr. Hill but he was determined to push his way through.

In 2015, he made a conscious decision to walk away from his corporate job because he wanted a change for his family.   This decision has enabled him to maintain a successful tax firm, The Tax Bizz in Florida where he is able to spend time with family and build a legacy.

This amazing trailblazer now leads a phenomenal team of over 100 tax professionals.  His mission is to continue to change life’s and help other families create generational wealth.

“Engaging with people, making us a better team, seeing people succeed and helping them do well – is my mission.  It’s just rewarding,” he said.

As for the term “trailblazer,” Hill says he’ll embrace it acknowledgment for now.

He speaks to other men and women about finding a work-life balance while pursuing a meaningful career.  And she hopes his young boys can grow up to find nothing unusual about seeing themselves in leadership roles.

“Don’t limit yourself,” Hill said. “Embrace what you want to do and go for it.”

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