The YouTuber is making it her mission to tell the stories of Black women victims that mainstream media choose to ignore.

Founder of Black Girl News, Leah Gordone is the key to spreading accurate information about crimes against Black women. She saw a need for coverage—and with her published experience— she knew she was the right person for the job. With over 230,000 YouTube subscribers, Gordone fills the void of these crimes not being publicized.

What made you change your content? I know you used to create beauty videos but then switched to Black Girl News.

Well, I saw a need for coverage. While I was creating beauty content, I was writing for a magazine, and during that time, you know I had to be up to date on everything in media. I constantly see on social media people posting about someone missing or reposting something about a fatal incident regarding a loved one. Yet those stories weren’t in mainstream media. So, I started to create the content on my channel. At that time, no one was checking for it, but I tried to maintain a balance after incidents like Breonna Taylor and the rise of Black women being, you know, murdered.

Many of the stories you share aren’t widely reported, and that’s why your subscribers appreciate you. What made you want to choose these types of stories?

I would barely see them in the news. I used to go through websites that posted about that accident or incidents in their area, but they didn’t tell the stories of victims. They mainly focused on the person that did the crime. So, I wanted to take time to show people this is the victim and who is hurt. This is who is missing. I want people to identify with them because we don’t get to hear their stories.

What research methods do you use to make sure you’re providing true information on these cases?

Well, I make sure I don’t use third party information. I get many emails from people asking me to share stories with details that they heard but are not factual. I don’t use he say, or she say. I use police press releases and court documents or the local news outlet coverage.

Not only do you create these videos, but you’re also a published writer, educator, and mentor. Can you tell us about some of your published work?

Sure, when I first moved to Atlanta during that time, I was getting my masters, and I started creating content on YouTube, which drove me to write for publication about beauty. I interviewed Yandy Smith, Marlo Hampton, David Banner, and more. My stories were published in Barnes and Noble on WeTv and Buzzfeed. I wanted everyone to walk away with learning something different, something that they can benefit from these celebrities. I just did an amazing interview with Infinity from Love & Hip-Hop: New York on my channel. We talked about foster care, mental health, love in the black community, healing, and forgiveness.

How was the interview?

It was an amazing experience. From her foster care story to the healing she’s been going through, she’s such a bright girl. She’s a first-generation student and on a full academic scholarship.

Where can people follow you to learn more about what you do?

They can follow me on Instagram and YouTube at Leah Gordone to stay updated with Black Girls News. They can also follow our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at its Black Girl News and our website.



All images by Raphael