There’s a new brand on the block, and they’re here to disrupt the hair market and our routines in the best and most colorful way possible. Born “out of the beautiful clash of being young today,” Maria Nila’s professional retail brand, LeaLuo creates multi-beneficial products that improve the scalp, as well as the quality and shine of our hair, both in the salon and at home. From hair care products to vibrant hair paints, the beauty brand inspires us to be open-minded and confident to bring out all versions of ourselves.

LeaLuo is dedicated to providing quality and easily expressive products that harmonize with any hair styling, coloring, or changing. As an eco-friendly brand, LeaLuo bottles their products in recycled packaging materials that are less wasteful and alleviate much of the environmental burden created from virgin plastic and aluminum production. All of the formulations are sulfate and paraben-free and infused with hero ingredients Tiger Grass, Cannabis Seed Oil, and Upcycled Ingredients. Before getting into my LeaLuo picks, here’s some deets on these key ingredients:



Centella Asiatica, also known as the super buzzy ingredient Tiger Grass, is an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine. It was discovered when people in China noticed that tigers would roll around in the herb to help heal their wounds, so it became a “cure-all” in medicine to speed up wound healing and reduce inflammation. Tiger Grass is an antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory ingredient that stimulates hair growth and tackles dryness.



Rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids Cannabis Seed Oil (a.k.a Hemp Seed Oil) moisturizes, strengthens, and plays a role in preventing breakage of the hair. This moisturizing oil improves the overall quality of hair by protecting the hair shaft from absorbing too much water.



UpCycling, also known as creative reuse, transforms by-products or waste materials into valuables. All LeaLuo products include upcycled ingredients to make them a more logical choice while doing their part to protect our planet from external pollution. LeaLuo’s upcycled ingredients include natural extract from Olive, Pomelo, and Peach Flower that add shine and moisture to the hair.


I have naturally soft and coily hair, with an oily scalp type that, in colder months, tends to get really dry. Typically, curly and coily hair textures are more prone to experience flakiness, itchiness, and dryness. And as a Black woman with textured, oil-prone hair, not every TikTok trending product (including those for curly-girls) fits my hair needs. Out of LeaLuo’s four newly released Series, I tried the Dip In Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, and their new Go Deep Moisturizing Hair Oil. And take it from me, they’ll make your hair routine simpler in every way.

Made with 100% vegan ingredients, this moisturizing Dip In series leaves your hair feeling healthy, manageable, and frizz-free. The scalp-friendly Tiger Grass, Cannabis Seed Oil, and Wheat Protein actively work together to boost the conditioning effect in all of the layers of the hair shaft, giving you super silky hair. Great for all hair types, especially for damaged hair, Wheat Protein actively works to attract water and bring moisture from the Cannabis Seed Oil into the core of the hair shaft. The duo works really well on my hair, and it’s super moisturizing which is a plus for curly hair types. My main priority for my scalp and hair is to look and feel clean without being stripped, and the Dip In combo does just that, cutting down my wash days. Plus, it isn’t extremely dense, which I love. The duo also makes my hair smell delicious, with a nice balanced blend of Champagne, Elderberry, and Mahogany. When using the shampoo and conditioner, I wash my hair twice with the Dip In Moisturizing Shampoo. Then, I rinse out the shampoo completely and follow up with the Dip In Moisturizing Conditioner. As someone with oil-prone hair, I like to apply and brush in the conditioner to my lengths and ends only, and leave it in for about 2 minutes. Then, I rinse completely with cool water and prep my hair for detangling. If you experience serious dry scalp and hair, I’d recommend trying the Green Tea and Lime-infused Play Nice Soothing Shampoo that is formulated with Piroctone Olamine to keep itchiness and dandruff at bay.



Released just a few days ago, the Go Deep Moisturizing Hair Oil is the perfect oil to fight frizz and add shine without leaving the hair feeling greasy or weighed down. It truly is lightweight, and leaves a tasteful sheen on my freshly pressed hair that the brand promises. I also like to apply the oil to my dull hair during the week when it lacks freshness. This is the lightest hair oil that I’ve ever used, and it’s perfect for those with temperamental hair. Go Deep conditions and moisturizes with a silky and glossy look thanks to the Tiger Grass, Hemp Oil, and Sunflower Oil. The upcycled ingredient Peach Flower has a soothing effect that contributes to a healthy feel and look. To use, I rub in a dime-sized amount to complete my look. A little goes a long way!

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