They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Well, that’s partially true. The good news that we have to share, we want the whole world to know. As we embark on Women’s History month, we caught up with Haith Johnson along with her husband Henry Johnson to talk about how they are making history with the launch of their first franchise location in Las Vegas set for May 1st.

The Johnson duo owned and operated the storefront, Le’Host Hair and Wigs, in Ferndale, Michigan (suburbs of Detroit) for 15 years and they have been in business together for over 25 years. Le’Host is known for servicing women who wear luxury wigs as well as those who wear natural and protective styles. Le’Host specializes in working with cancer patients who have been affected by hair loss and those who suffer with alopecia by creating custom wigs. The results of these women have been truly transformational from the inside out.

Their products are second to none among the top in the industry and is now housed with the largest retailer in the world—Walmart. Since February of 2021, products were introduced and rolled out to over 300-plus stores spanning 25 states, and additional stores are expected to be added! So, that’s good news and to top it off. In partnership with Walmart, Le’Host will host as a franchise model inside of one of the supercenters in Las Vegas.

“With the new stores, we can introduce all of Le’Host merchandise in our catalog as well as develop new hair care products for the Walmart and Le’Host customers”, says Haith

Haith and Henry will be serving in two distinctive roles: she has been a licensed cosmetologist in the industry for over 30 years, and thoroughly understand the needs of women when it comes to beauty. She will be very hands on when it comes to overseeing and making sure our customers are getting the absolute best things they need at affordable prices. In addition, she will meet other entrepreneurs that would be interested in becoming franchisees, owning and operating their very own Le’Host inside of Walmart in their own state.

Henry’s role as COO is to oversee the business operations ensuring that it runs efficiently and effectively with intent to scale by opening more stores and collaborating with franchisees as well as overseeing the running of the day-to-day operations to ensure profitability and expansion.

The Johnson’s are faith-filled visionaries and always attribute glory to God in their endeavors and the massive doors that have opened on their behalf. It was a quantum leap of faith with packing up and leaving everything behind in Michigan and launching into the unknown of the next level of vision. “When you know who you are and your purpose accompanied with what you heard from God, in spite of all the challenges, barriers and difficulties you may have to go through to see the vision that God is giving you come to pass. It takes 100% dedication, resilience, determination and faith to see the word of God fulfilled in your life.”

These are indeed exciting times among perilous times. The Johnson’s are looking to change the narrative in the haircare industry, and they are doing just that. They’re history-makers! “We know that we are making history in the beauty industries by collaborating with Walmart to service more customers and meeting the beauty needs.”

In 2019, they were seriously closing their business down and just 3 short years later in 2022, they relocated to live in North Vegas to open one of many franchise stores. “As Black small business owners, there are no words to express how blessed and excited we are in this moment. ‘Wow and Thank You Jesus!’ is all we have said for the last 3 months during the negotiation until we signed the last contract.”

As the song echoes, “ain’t no stopping us now, we’re on the move!” Next year, in 2023, they anticipate to open another location in Texas as well as introduce new products to the market. Haith leaves us with a final word of empowerment: “Never give up, never quit despite all your difficulties. As an entrepreneur, know that dreams do come true when you put your trust and faith in God and carry out the purpose you’ve been sent here for.”

Let’s goooo!

The NEW location opening May 1st is at Walmart Supercenter, 1807 W. Craig Rd, North Las Vegas, NV 89032.