Hair length goals are now reachable for any women or girl with the infusion of rice water into the wash-day regime. The goals are reachable either by engaging in the in new rice water quarantine challenge or just simply sticking to their own traditional trends.

Many critics say that rice water is a terrible thing to use because it causes hair damage due to the fermented water. Truthfully, anything is a risk when introducing new things into your hair growth journey!

We don’t want damage, but we do want hair growth. Honestly, we are here for the rice water!

After going through various rice water recipes, we decide on this DIY that was simple to follow and easy to use. Our hair loved the results!

Ingredients and supplies:

Rice (Organic is recommended)

Water (Distilled water is recommended)

Orange, lemon, or grapefruit peels


Mason jar for storage

Spray Bottle


DIY Method:

First, pre-wash the rice in the bowl with room temp water to remove any dirt or excess particles. Second, once the rice is pre-washed then transfer rice into the mason jar and add as much water to the mason jar as possible. Third, add orange, lemon, or grapefruit peels to the mason jar to help with the rice water smell. Fourth, seal the mason jar and store overnight for full process. Fifth, use funnel to transfer all the water into the spray bottle. Sixth, now use as a pre-wash use.

Check out Mercy Gono, for more tips.

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