As Season 14 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta comes toward an end; many viewers are wondering if it could also be the end of reality show newbie, Drew Sidora, and her husband, Ralph Pittman. Although RHOA fans, and the world, have seen the Pittmans encounter a lot of challenges within their marriage, Drew guarantees that their union is forever, and that she and Ralph won’t be leaving the Real Housewives of Atlanta any time soon. She opened up to us about how reality tv has made their marriage better, her advice for making a relationship work and where else we’ll soon be seeing her.

A lot of people, fans and onlookers a like, may wonder if being a reality star is worth the unavoidable drama, lack of privacy, and criticism that seems synonymous with reality show life (I wondered the same). Already in her second season of filming, actress Drew Sidora also weighed those factors before signing on to be a part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast, but it was the possibility “to do something different” and show the world more sides of her—motherhood, marriage— “the good, bad, ugly”, she says. But showcasing her and her husband’s lives as partners, professionals, and parents to three beautiful children hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park. “For us that was not our intention, we wanted to show black love…but when you film for five months, yeah, you’re gonna have an argument”. Those arguments have put a lot of focus on Drew’s husband, Ralph Pittman Jr., his overall persona and his treatment of Drew. Drew admits that there are some aspects that are true, “They only see him as the a*hole he can be”, but she also relishes in his sweet, fatherly side; “he is also funny, he is creative, he is musical—he plays the piano, he is God-fearing, he’s a great father—and how we are able to partner in certain aspects in our life, in our businesses—I want people to see that!”

Speaking of Ralph’s musical talents and aspects of the Pittmans’ lives we don’t get to see as much—Drew shared that her husband researched and composed songs that help to combat insomnia. Named My Mind Music for Kids, what started off as an experiment to help their kids stop fighting bedtime, has become a catalogue of songs that can even help adults sleep better. The album, available on all music platforms, might have you and your children on the way to more peaceful sleep. When it comes to Drew, the Chicago native remains very connected to her hometown—her non-profit organization, DREAMMAKERS strives to bring artistic expression, wellness and body positivity to youth and young adults in the Chicago area. She also works with leaders in Illinois to bring awareness to both her non-profit and the city of Chicago in general.

So what’s next for Drew and Ralph? Drew has been teasing new music on her social media and excitedly shared that the first single is coming out in the next few weeks. And although she’s “quit so many times”, Drew and Ralph are committed to the Real Housewives for the near future—and to each other, forever. Having their marriage on display has ended up being a blessing for Drew and Ralph— “it held us accountable, because what we realized is that we don’t want to show up in the world like this, continuously, season after season”. For Drew and Ralph divorce is not an option and she credits counseling for helping them stay committed. Drew urges both couples and individuals to find a good therapist and hopes that by being vulnerable and open about the ups and downs of their marriage, people are inspired to do the work as well. When it comes to critics and even fans’ reactions to her and Pittman’s marriage, Drew has a simple request: “Just have grace, continue to be open and continue to just get to know us.

You can watch the Pittmans on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Sundays at 8/7C on Bravo and streaming the next day on Peacock.

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Photo Credits: Drew Sidora/Instagram