Real men love a chase. I don’t care what anybody says. It is in a man’s nature to go after what he wants. Born and raised in the south, one thing men like to do is hunt. It’s a big sport that earns big bucks and if you date a man from the country (rural area), he’ll take you hunting with him.

Give a man something to chase; don’t get caught in the illusion of what could be. If we put ourselves out there too quickly as women, what will we have left for him to learn?

Take your time in dating, stop rushing to get to know someone. You may learn that person isn’t all who they appear to be sometimes or who you thought they were.

Occupy yourself and your time; try not to be so available. Not asking you to play games but in the dating world, if you have that much free time on your hands, try taking a step back and evaluating your goals and ambitions. If you have a career, meet your goals, and are now making time for love, this isn’t for you. But if you’re working on your goals, trying to balance your career, and juggling life you really shouldn’t be available for every call or text coming your way. Show him that you have something to offer too and let him know the table isn’t empty with or without him.