Tera Carissa Hodges is an internationally known faith-based women’s empowerment speaker, entrepreneur, author, and coach who empowers women to tap into their life’s experiences to build purpose-based businesses, ministries, practices, and more to thrive economically, socially, and personally, despite what they’ve been through.
Tera has spoken on stages throughout the US, Canada, the Caribbean, South Africa, and Europe. Additionally, she’s been featured in several magazines for her expertise in women’s empowerment such as Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise, and at a Mercedes Benz-sponsored women’s conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, which attracted women from 17 countries.

What is your definition of success? 

Tera: Success is knowing your purpose, acting on it, and receiving compensation for it that allows you to thrive.

Do you believe in work/life balance? 

Tera: Absolutely! Living by a calendar, a schedule, and a to-do list of the most important things to me is how I maintain a work/life balance.

You have been very successful in your business endeavors. Can you give any advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Tera: Get clear on your vision and stay focused on it. When you don’t have a vision, every path is an option and when you don’t have focus, it’s easy to get off track.

Do you have a business role model?

Tera: My business role model is any woman who has created or maintained success while being a wife and mom. To me, they embody the Proverbs 31 woman, who was a wife, mom, and businesswoman all at the same time. They are reminders we can have it all. God built us to have it all if we so desire. We don’t have to choose one part of ourselves over the other.

What would attract listeners to your personal story? 

Tera: My evolution. People sometimes get stuck in who the world knows them to be publicly. But no matter how well-known you have been in one chapter of your life; you have permission to evolve. While I celebrate the likes of Beyonce and Usher, who have been entertaining us through music since I was a child and have gone on to launch other phenomenal works, I absolutely adore the journey of Nas, Dr. Dre, Master P, Queen Latifah, and others who are no longer primarily known as artists today. They are now also known as phenomenal businessmen and women.

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Photo Credits: Courtesy of Tera Hodges