The 3rd annual Deck The Runway holiday event returns this year on December 4th, 2021, in Orlando, Florida. The event truly embraces the holiday spirit and invites attendees including models, guests, and volunteers to unwrap the memorable gifts of lights, camera, and glam.

Enjoy this celebratory interview as we dive into the producer and fashion designer of Deck The Runway, Francesca Watson’s inspiration behind creating the event. With a mom who was a fashion and interior designer, Francesca watched as she created and even got in trouble for cutting down her curtains to make creations. The passion was inspired by her mom who is her role model. While in the army, Francesca didn’t have much time, but in 2013 that all changed when she started pursuing her own business and making clothes. Now, she navigates the entertainment and fashion industry and offers her best advice on being an entrepreneur.


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