The United States is now trending online for having their youngest black mayor, a 18 year old is now the mayor of Earle, Arkansas! The newly elected mayor goes by the name of Jaylen Smith! This is a major accomplishment knowing that at 18 years old most don’t know what their life plans are after graduating high school and Jaylen on the other hand is stepping up to the plate to be responsible for a whole city of people. The new mayor elect stated in a press conference that he would like to work on more transportation and bringing a major grocery store chain to his city. Earle, AK only holds a little over 2000 residents so this would be a big deal if he could accomplish those goals that way the citizens of Earle wouldn’t have to travel outside of their town for basic necessities. The future is bright for mayor-elect Smith and we wish him nothing but the best along his journey.


Photo Credits: Courtesy Of Jaylen Smith