Good product + proper hair management = Healthy Hair. The natural hair life can often be a hard one. From chopping it off to the transition from relaxed hair to natural hair, its truly journey. With so many products on the shelves addressing different things from moisture to hydration to conditioning, it can be hard to choose just which one is good for you. J’ Organics has been the answer for natural hair lovers. Created by Johanne Joseph a Haitian American, she has developed her own line of products to help women with natural hair grow long and healthy hair. With natural ingredients straight from the motherland, Joseph is giving her customers top of the line quality with each product.

“I didn’t want my products to be like anyone else’s line that is currently out, I had to be different. A lot of the time when it comes to natural hair products, they can be very heavy and weigh your hair down. I wanted my products to be light weight and produce great results. As a child I grew up wearing relaxers, so, I didn’t learn about the full potential of my natural hair until I became an adult. Once I saw what my own hair could do without the harsh chemicals of a relaxers, I vowed to never return. These products help you see the potential that your own natural hair has regardless of your texture. So many women get discouraged because of textures that they don’t embrace their god given hair without relaxing it, however, whether you silk press or twist it out J’ Organics is the way to go. We pay attention to what our products are made of to make sure that your scalp is cared for, and your ends are cared for. Because these are two problem areas, if your scalp is not cared for your hair won’t grow properly and if your ends are split there will be breakage so tackling these two areas were my intention from the start.”

Born in the Caribbean country of Haiti, Joseph takes pride in her country and makes it a personal priority to give back through the sales of her business. She says. “Its important for me to give back to my country. Haiti is often regarded as the poorest country in the western hemisphere, however, it’s such a rich place in culture. We see the beauty of our people and I love that I’m able to give a portion of proceeds from each purchase of my products go back to Haiti, to make sure that students have supplies and backpacks for school. I made it my mission to make sure that giving back is As a Haitian American we have to try to close the gap between the have and the have nots. Because I have, I choose to give to promote the uplifting of my country.”

One thing about Johanne is she believes in healthy hair and starting the journey as early as possible, she says.

“I have a line specifically for kids to help parents maintain their hair properly. I think with the natural hair journey, what makes everything the hardest is the product selection and not knowing exactly what do to help hair grow. Everyone is watching YouTube and Instagram videos to try new styles, however what they are missing is knowledge. They watch videos of people who often lack in the area of knowledge regarding why they should use this product or that product and to be honest because they lack the knowledge, they use the product incorrectly and they are teaching others to do the same. So, education is key and starting the natural hair journey early is also key because if you teach kids how to love their hair and how to care for their hair, it becomes like riding a bike, they will never forget. So, my kids line I’m absolutely passionate about them and love them and I feel like a lot of the other hair care brands don’t push for kids to have their own. I feel like parents should have a regimen for kids hair at an early age. On my website we have blogs that address and educate parents on how to use our products to grow their kids hair.”

J’Organics is one of the best solutions to getting your hair on track to give you the growth you deserve. You can purchase at