One of the biggest beauty myths is that you can “reverse” split ends. Unfortunately, the only way to fix a split end is to cut it off however, you can keep them from getting worse or prevent them from happening in the first place.

A finishing serum (spray or liquid base) with keratin or a high-grade silicon oil will help seal the ends together and prevent it from running  further up the hair Olaplex Bonding Oil acts like a cast for split ends, temporarily uniting broken hair fibers to make them less noticeable.

To prevent more breakage from happening, blow-dry your hair on cool, and use a detangling comb instead of a brush to detangle (brushing can drag the knots and result in breakage).

If you use heat styling tools daily, invest in a quality heat protectant and avoid placing heat directly on to the ends of hair. It also helps to let the hair air dry a little.

Now let’s send the split ends on about their life, they have no place in your hair!

This feature was submitted by Alicia Franklin

I am Alicia Franklin, I own  Shear Glamour Salon in San Antonio, Texas and Glamorous Bundles. I am a highly skilled hair stylist and cosmetology instructor. With over 17 years of experience in the industry,also the recipient of numerous awards for my masterful service.

After many years in the beauty industry I realized there was a need for virgin hair that doesn’t tangle with minimal shedding. This is when Glamorous Bundles was established, and has been a must have of thousands of people every since! My number one goal is to always educate my clients on how to achieve and maintain healthy beautiful hair.