Yalmikia Edmonds, founder of Levonye Professionals is a motivational & inspirational speaker, educator, and Certified Hair Loss Practitioner from Baltimore, MD. She always has a way of showing people they are powerful by inspiring women and young girls to be the best version of themselves. From hair clients to women she crosses paths she shares her wisdom and words of encouragement.

How did you become an inspirational speaker?

Yalmikia: After publishing my book, ‘The Guide to Healing After a Heartbreak’, I dedicated myself full-time to bringing my message to conferences around the world. Whether as a keynote speaker or a workshop leader, I break through the boundaries that are limiting to others.


Tell us about your journey from the time you opened your salon to now.

Yalmikia: I opened up my salon at the age of 25. As time went on, I continued my education in the beauty industry. This is where I became a Certified Hairloss Practioner.

I went back to school at USTI Institute and studied Hair loss. Now I’m able to see clients with hair loss conditions and scalp issues. I am grateful to be the solution and to have the opportunity to serve women who have unique contrasts with their hair.

Who do you feel is your target client?

Yalmikia: For my hair restoration salon, my target client is women with alopecia, but we also provide services to children and men.


What do you define as success?

Yalmikia: Success for me is accomplishing all the things I agreed that I want to do. Success is also being an inspiration by helping and encouraging others.


What makes your business and approach to hair care unique?

Yalmikia: Our approach is unique because we’ve been through the learning phase and use our knowledge to help women who are entering the learning phase of hair care. Education is key so we don’t just provide services and products, we also educate. We provide services that are changing women’s lives, families, and communities.


Tell us about your product line. 

Yalmikia: Our product line is one that is unique. We offer a variety of products, from medical wigs to traditional wigs, and hair restoration beauty products. Although our hair restoration products are created to help restore your hair for women who have thinning hair and alopecia, they can also be used for women who want to maintain and keep their existing hair. I wanted to cover all corners. When our customers/clients choose Levonye Professionals we want to make sure that they don’t exit without learning and gaining the resources and knowledge about hair care, that they were looking for.


How can our followers remain connected with you?

Yalmikia: Instagram:

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