With COVID-19 halting much of Hollywood such as shows, concerts, and movies, a lot are in limbo right now however; with the rise of streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Quibi and Zeus Network. There are 182.8 million subscribers to Netflix, plus there is over 2 billion users on YouTube. YouTube is the second most popular social media platform internet users use. Shows include Chasing Atlanta, Chasing Dallas, G-Status Atl Hustle, and newcomer to the web series game RealHotBoysHouston – a show based in Houston, centered around a group of friends just navigating through friendships, relationships, and seeing if it can survive one hot summer.

RealHoyBoysHouston opens with Ashton being the common denominator has a group of friends that is bonded by secrets, lies and half-truths. RealHotBoysHouston series brings something different to the web series world we have a teacher, store manage, actor and active duty service men. I believe there is a shift happening when it comes to current media no new shows have been slated for release for network so why not utilize a platform that’s easily accessible like YouTube. The Zeus Network is also making a name for themselves when it comes to streaming services having such shoes as Blac Chyna’s OnlyCam: LA, Joseline’s Joseline’s Cabaret and their newest show The Conversation.

Will Hollywood ever be the same? Will television networks bring us new show? Chasing Reality, Status TV Network and RealHotBoysHouston Ent plus these other streaming productions have created a new platform for LGBTQIA+ creatives to showcase their talents build their own table.

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Chasing Reality: @chasing.rlty

GStatusatlHustle: @gstatusatlhustle