It’s 5 AM in Inglewood, CA, when Tia P.’s alarm clock starts ringing: her daily reminder that it’s time to get up and be great. The first hour of Tia’s morning is dedicated to her dog, Puggle. The fur mom likes to walk her son  while she can still savor the peacefulness and quietness of the world. Once she managed to gather herself to attack the day, Tia usually hits the gym for a good workout session. This is what powers up the former BET’s The Next Big Thing contestant and conditions her to achieve big things. But, what big things are we speaking of exactly? 

If there’s one thing that Tia P. didn’t do after her appearance on the show is to just sit around. She, indeed, has been juggling many major music and television projects since then, including some with RnB icon Mary J Blige. This is the third time that Tia and I sit together for an interview, so I’m kinda sorta used to her greatness. But, this time, hearing the hustler in her make the list of all her latest accomplishments truly had me reflecting on whether Tia P. should be the new face of Black Girl Magic or Black Excellence.

What current television projects have you been involved with since your appearance on BET’s The Next Big Thing?

Interestingly enough, I’ve made several appearances on the CW’s All American as a member of South Crenshaw’s drumline and as a battle rapper (Kim Nitty) against the character Coop. 

Strictly on the music side, I’ve been blessed to partake in several Fox Writing Camps. If you’ve seen TV promo for FOX’s Miss Universe 2019 or their new got show LEGO Masters, you’ve probably heard my voice! Prior to that, I was asked to write and produce an entire series recap rap for the final season of the immensely popular show Empire! That was a fun one. I believe the video is still I. YouTube,  performed by Empire co-star Ta’Rhonda Jay (Porsha, Cookie’s assistant). I also wrote, produced, and perform the theme song for Tammi Mac’s late-night talk show on Fox Soul! I just love it when music and tv worlds can intersect. It’s an avenue I implore more artists to consider. 

Outside of music and tv, I’m now a brand ambassador for a black-owned, vegan, and cruelty-free lip line called Canvas Colors and also a worldwide jewelry brand called Mónteza.” 

Speaking of Canvas Colors, you’re also now collaborating with FUBU and mentioned that this brand helped to create a reflection of your style and personality. Can you tell us more about it?

For Us By Us’ is more than a slogan, it’s a testament to the power of black  independent entrepreneurship. Where many designers shy away from praising Black consumers for wearing their clothes, here was a company catering to that same audience, as well as being members of it. That adds a whole other trust factor between producer and consumer. Similarly, that’s the type of relationship I have with my fans and supporters. Like FUBU, I don’t wait for permission to do me, to be pigeon-holed into 1 genre or one look. FUBU is bold, authentic, and simply cool, all characteristics reflected in my personality and music. While it’s always fantastic to broaden and diversify, it’s  also just as important to never negate the community that showed me love first, the Black community. That’s FUBU. That’s me.

We heard that you have a new music collaboration alongside Gospel  singer Jacky Clark Chisholm and Mary J. Blige. How did this opportunity  come about and how does it make you feel? 

Well, first of all, we’re talking about legends. I was ecstatic when I got the call.  A member of Jacky’s team (Keda Parks) is a friend of my co-manager, Marty Arnold. Mary J Blige was already on the track, but they wanted to see how a rap would also fit. Aware of my body of work, she asked me and I happily obliged. I grew up listening to all genres of music and have always been a fan of both Mary and the legendary Clark sisters. To get a call from Aunt Jacky herself, beaming with excitement and praise for my verse was surreal, and a moment I honestly won’t forget.

Your daily energy level is amazing! How do you stay pumped up to accomplish the many projects that you are involved in? 

I have an amazing team that helps keep me on track with my career tasks. Being part of the 6x Entertainment family has really allowed me to focus on just being an artist. I at least try to work on a song a day; could be a full song with music and lyrics, couple be just lyrics or just production, but something to keep the creative juices from being stagnant. Music is a gift meant to be given. It would be selfish to act lazily with it. The growth that I’ve seen in my career and in my creativity is unfashionable, and, in part, only because of a team that allows me to be me, learn me, tweak me, and have fun while doing it without trying to split my focus. Without the music smacking, everything else is in vein. The journey never ends, but I’m enjoying the ride and excited to see others taking notice and enjoying it too.


A typical day in the artist’s life ends a couple of hours before she has to wake up again. Some nights, she has events or shows to attend or perform. Other nights, she just stays up working on music. Tia P. will be one of The Entrepreneur Hour show’s guests on February 28th and will perform at the annual Women N’ Music-Media event taking place on March 15th in Carson, CA. 

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Featured Image by 6x Entertainment