Learning to live after death has been a humbling experience. It can break you, mold your or isolate you. The process can be hard but words can’t describe how much it’s worth fighting for.
I cannot describe how this process can change you. Learning to adjust your routine because you no longer have this person in your life. Realizing you cannot call to share the good news or those moments when you’re happy and that wave of memories hit you because you wish they were there. The hardest part can be rolling the stone from your emotional tunnel and realizing that you still have to live. Remembering you have to live now more than ever.
Be grateful for the time you have to live those plans you made together and creating new memories. Feeling again for new opportunities so that you don’t miss those moments of laughter with the people you have left. And smiling at the world every chance you can.
So take your time and accept every emotion that comes, but don’t make a permanent bed on temporary land. Use your time wisely and make the most out of what’s left and before you know it, pain is surrounded by more love and strength than you can ever imagine.
Photo Credits: Shuttershock