Meet the charismatic lifestyle entrepreneur Nicholas Amfo, he was inspired by the location he attended school in the affluent suburb area of Wimbledon also famous for its tennis. Nicholas took inspiration from his everyday life and decided to start his own lifestyle brands which incorporates diversity and luxury. The trailblazer has been featured in Forbes, Bleu magazine and many others. To add to his growing accolades, he is also a speaker and an advocate for positivity in his community. His passion for creating significant brands has been highly recognized which has led him to speak at  Cambridge University and the House of commons, he shares his captivating story on how he has become an industry leader, highlighting the importance of diversity in fashion and how he balances fatherhood with business.

First, tell us a little about your background and how you got to where you are today with the two brands you created?

My name is Nicholas Amfo-Gyamera, otherwise known as ‘Nicholas Dex’. This nickname was given to me from a young age, inspired by the energy supplement brand’ Dextro’. I was born and raised in London. Growing up, I was inspired by so many different experiences I’ve faced in life. I went to school in an affluent area. This inspired me to create luxury brands and decided to add my own personal touch by celebrating diversity with both brands, I wanted to create something that would be memorable and long-lasting.

What were the main objectives when creating ODF and Nicholas Kingsley?

For ODF (One Diverse Fashion), the main objective was to highlight the importance of diversity, fashion and lifestyle. There is so much you can learn from different cultures and personalities, and this is reflected in each piece. The vision I had for ODF was to create something so timeless and clean that it’s the individual who stands out, whilst still being themselves. If being simplistic and classic is done purposefully, the individual will stand out.

Nicholas Kingsley is about providing a luxury experience. The slogan, ‘Made for royalty’ symbolizes that everyone carries a royal presence. The objective is for this to be carried in each product and once a product is placed in your home, your home now becomes your palace.

Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur and who has guided you the most to this point?

I didn’t realise that I was an entrepreneur until I was told that I am. My father told me a story from when I was young around 6 years old, I wanted a toy and he asked me to convince him as to why I deserved it. I was able to give a good reason at such a tender age to an adult.  He saw the entrepreneurial spirit in me from a young age. As I grew a little older, I went on to sell cookies in the school playground and made a profit from it. This is where the journey started, and I was able to venture out. In life, I never intended for this to be the path, but it was what I loved and was most applicable to my lifestyle.

I would say that my wife, mother, father, family, a community of great friends, and individuals around me have all guided me to where I am today. They have all allowed me to become this entrepreneur.

Nicholas Kingsley and ODF have two different target audiences, explain who the two brands are aimed for?

Nicholas Kingsley’s clientele are those who take time, not only to invest in what they look like but also their wellbeing. The target audience are those who understand the importance of value and taking time to invest in themselves.

On the other hand, ODF is a classic brand for everyone because it’s so simplistic in a unique way. Whether you’re a toddler or mature adult, these looks carry athleisure and a timeless style. The individual won’t look out of place wearing ODF, it’s the right accessory for getting on with day to day activities.

photo by MK Photo

Can you tell us which brand was the hardest to develop and why? How did you overcome this?

Both brands were difficult to develop but ODF gave me enough confidence, experience and wisdom to create Nicholas Kingsley. As ODF was created before Nicholas Kingsley, there was a lot more groundwork. I had to make a name for myself in the community, nationwide and then internationally It wasn’t about how much money I made, but more about the value and concept I was representing.

photo by Shia Daley

Let’s talk Nicholas Kingsley for a minute, the amazing aromatherapy products. What was the idea behind the brand?

A few years ago, I personally experienced anxiety which led me to this venture. I wanted to turn my pain into power and test into a testimony. You don’t realise how important your mental health is until your mind is running at 100 miles per hour and you must calm yourself down. I did my research and found that natural essential oils can relieve symptoms of anxiety; this led to my creation of the diffusers. The purpose behind the product is to relieve medium to low-grade anxiety disorders. It’s an unspoken narrative and many people don’t know how to deal with it. Nicholas Kingsley isn’t a recipe to get rid of anxiety, but it does help and has been proven, to soothe and relax.  It creates an atmosphere of a spa to your home, hallway, room, office, wherever. ‘Grand Entrée’ represents an individual feeling fresh and free, an aroma that is so therapeutic. Whilst, Oud Aura is calming and soothing; influenced by a trip to Dubai. My diffusers are completely plant-based, non-alcoholic and are free of toxins, perfect for an environmentally conscious buyer.

As a ‘lifestyle entrepreneur’ what pearls of wisdom would you give to an individual who wants to take a similar career route in life?

Being a lifestyle entrepreneur is very organic to me. I’m a fashion designer, but not just a fashion designer; it doesn’t stop there, and we should not limit ourselves to putting a full stop before a comma. There is so much more to an individual, I am more. I’m a father, husband, designer, perfumer, visionary, producer, mentor, creative platform builder, and the list does not stop there. If I were to stay in one lane, I would have only been a fashion designer. It’s important that everyone looks at their life and identifies what challenges them to become great; something that would make them want to better themselves. I’m about lifestyle and culture, which I involve in every element of my business. I’m conscious of the next generation and even have a mentoring school where I help them be who they want to become. I’m passionate about diversity and wellbeing so I bring this message to my brands. My life is an algorithm that works, and I believe everyone has that in them.

Who has been your biggest inspiration thus far?

I have more than one inspiration. God and my family. My son is my biggest inspiration because I get to see life through him all over again. The term legacy is inspiring to me. 

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As a husband and father, how do you balance career with family life? I’m blessed enough to have an amazing balance because I feel like they both add value to each other. My family gives me fuel and inspiration to perform nothing but excellence. This is then reflected in business and has a positive knock-on effect, so it all links. I also get inspiration when I’m relaxing, so when I’m in business mode, I have the fuel to go harder. The balance works hand in hand with family life.

If you could go back and give your younger self any piece of advice, what would it be?

I would tell my younger self to, “Dream big in all things.” Everyone has their own name so, speak on yours and trust and believe that with everything you have. Take the step with what you have and where you are, and just do it! If I waited for the perfect time, I would’ve been waiting forever. Also, help people on your way up and learn something new every day. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, the day you stop learning is the day you stop living.

You can find Nicholas Amfo on Instagram.


Featured Image by Dumi Nkomo