It seems like Quality Control or better known as QC Records is catching fire yet again with their superstars and new artists that are controlling the music charts. Quality Control CEO Pierre Thomas told the music industry to watch out cause they’re on fire again!

Just a few days ago on Twitter P announced that new QC projects were on the way and fans couldn’t be more excited. We all love QC artists but of course everybody has been waiting on Lil Baby to drop for some time now. Lil Baby is one of the most popular artist on the planet and fans need that new album now. It has been over 2 years (Feb 2020) since the artist has released a solo album.

Today the Atlanta native announced that he will be releasing his third studio album entitled ‘It’s Only Me’ on October 14th and we know it will be one of the hottest albums to drop this year. The QC artist has released several singles this year including ‘In A Minute’, ‘U-Digg’ and ‘Right On’ which are all charting hits.

Lil Baby dropped a video and single entitled ‘Detox’ last night and it is already trending top 5 on Apple Music, Spotify and Youtube respectfully.

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