“Mud Baby” is a raw song straight from the streets to the recording booth. Both HBK Banz and Lil Chris go all in when speaking on what it’s taken to come up from where they started. The deep and heavy beats of the song match the gravity of the stories that are spoken by HBK Banz and Lil Chris. Both artists reflect on the struggles of life, where they came from and what they have gone through to reach the life they have today.

Chicago’s Lil Chris sings on the catchy chorus: “I’m having dreams about success, I’m having nightmares about failing…” — summing up the pressures of maintaining the lavish lifestyle they now have, all while not getting too lost in the fortune and forgetting where they came from. Produced by producer Danny Hajj (2KBABY & Fase Yoda), “Mud Baby” hit all streaming platforms on October 22nd.

All images by Azeez Alayah