LiveMixtapes has proved to be a go-to platform for independent artists since its inception in 2006. Now, they return with some exciting news: re-launching their website and app and unveiling their new professional tools and distribution platform called LMT Pro!


Slated to release on May 1st, LMT Pro will be loaded with essential tools and resources for independent artists and labels to really leave an imprint on the music industry. Now, artists will be able to sign up, release music on the LiveMixtapes platform, earn money on LMT Streams, and distribute their music on major DSPs including Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

Directly in line with their mission statement, LiveMixtapes aims to empower DJs to help them curate and facilitate mixtapes like no one else can, launching the careers of endless talent like they’ve done time and time again in the past.

Their new website has been completely rewritten and optimized as a Single Page Application (SPA), equipped with advanced web technologies and new features. Additionally, music-lovers can look forward to launching a fully revised iOS app (Android coming soon!), with enhanced curation options, podcast support, and more.

Sheen spoke with the founders of LiveMixtapes, Pesh and Daniel, to discuss this exciting new venture.

How has LiveMixtapes’ history shaped the current state of music tech?

LiveMixtapes, an online platform for streaming and downloading mixtapes, has had a significant impact on the music industry since its inception in 2006. Its history has shaped the current state of music technology in various ways. LiveMixtapes history has played a critical role in shaping the current state of music technology, by democratizing distribution, popularizing mixtapes, influencing the focus on singles and playlists, accelerating the adoption of streaming, and fostering innovation in music production.

What inspired LiveMixtapes Pro to create a new music distribution platform?

The need for independent artists to have their music spotlighted on a singular focus platform like LiveMixtapes with the added ability to earn on LMT Streams and the extra benefit of getting to all the other major DSPs and have all your stats and earnings in a single location.

Can you tell us more about the unique features of LiveMixtapes Pro’s new music distribution platform?

LMT Pro is a comprehensive distribution platform designed for artists and music creators who use LiveMixtapes and other digital service providers (DSPs). It offers various features, including:

How does LiveMixtapes Pro’s new platform differentiate itself from other music distribution platforms currently available on the market?

Earnings and stats: LMT Pro provides detailed analytics and statistics on earnings from LiveMixtapes and other DSPs, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. This helps artists track their income and gain insights into their audience’s preferences and listening habits.

What benefits can musicians and artists expect to receive from using LiveMixtapes Pro’s new music distribution platform?

Customizable landing pages with QR codes: The platform allows users to create their own personalized landing pages, featuring their music, social media links, and promotional content. This enables artists to build a strong online presence and engage with their audience more effectively.

Clear payment structure: LMT Pro offers a transparent payment system, ensuring that artists receive their earnings promptly and without any hidden fees or deductions. This helps artists better manage their finances and focus on creating music.

No one else can offer the ability to earn on LiveMixtapes streams, at the highest market rates. No one else has the network of DJs and team of industry vets ready to help bring their music to market and help promote their projects. Exclusive access to LiveMixtapes will give you exposure to new fans and instant earnings once music is released.

Access to the LiveMixtapes team and network of DJs as well as the ability to use the LiveMixtapes platform to promote your music and earn on your LMT Streams. We will also offer budgets for promoting music videos on YouTube if certain requirements are met.

Are there any success stories or case studies you can share that demonstrate the effectiveness of LiveMixtapes Pro’s new music distribution platform?

As a new platform, we look forward to helping all of our artists reach their goals and rise above and beyond what those goals may be starting May 1st. Some of the artists that have enjoyed the soft-launch during invite only period were; OJ Da Juiceman, Yung Mal, Joe Green, Nickoe, Pooh Gutta, Yolo Ru, 1900 Astro, Joe Gifted, CEO Boo Bizzle, Rockstar Marqo, Mont Dawg, SD, Ying Yang Twins and D-Aye just to name a few.