Dr. Leah Reddig is an innovative, visionary, and supportive international speaker, author, and transitional life coach committed to bringing out the best in others and creating new possibilities. As a woman who’s lived and worked around the globe, Dr. Reddig offers a unique perspective on what it’s like not to fit in and to embrace her uniqueness confidently to thrive on her journey to greatness. That’s the message she uses to empower her clients, which she explains even further in this Sheen Magazine exclusive.

Who is Dr. Leah Reddig?

I consider myself a “motivator destined to empower the broader community.” I work with people who feel unworthy or uncapable of fitting in by helping them integrate and find their confidence, calling, and purpose in life. Because of my experience working in different cultures and communities, I’ve experienced similar issues and empathize with their feelings. I know how to allow God to work in my life and to speak the words of God into the lives of others.

 I’m the author of three books—Who Are You, Love of God, and Strength—and coauthor of Stepping Into Our Territory.  

What’s a motivational speaker?

A motivational or inspirational speaker is someone who makes speeches intended to motivate or inspire an audience. They are focused on bringing out the best in people and inspiring them to step into their calling or purpose and take back the authority that only they can do. Motivational speakers are known for challenging and transforming their audiences.  

The motivational speech is popularly known as a pep talk. The speaker’s goal is to motivate new ideas and inspire a positive change in the audience whether it’s a change in mindset, lifestyle, actions, or a broader change in society. They aspire to see change in people’s lives, communities, and their spheres of influence.  

I believe that we can’t change the world; we must start by changing ourselves. Then, we can work to motivate those around us.

What motivates you?

My personal experiences. As a Kenyan who’s lived and worked in the Middle East and now in Europe, I’ve experienced so much. I never knew I would come this far or be alive to tell my story. Life has a way of enlightening us and giving us the chance to decide if we want to be gamechangers or not.

I was raised by my grandma in a place that some would consider poor, but it was rich with love. I always saw myself as a journalist or lawyer, but I couldn’t afford those career paths. I opted for a more affordable career path. I promised myself that I would travel abroad to my dream destination—Perth, AustraliaI thank God for my career in clinical research which enabled me to travel to Australia. In a span of 10 days I was able to spin 3 states which included the love of my heart Pert, and also travel to so many places., I’m based in Europe which in its self is also rich in various elements and characteristics I would say.

I faced widespread racial discrimination that I never discuss because it gave me the energy to prove that my mentality and how others see me cannot stop me from being who I want to be. When my marriage started to tumble, another storm knocked on my door and forced me to find strength for myself and my two children.

These experiences motivated me to say “yes.” I want to motivate people, especially those living as foreigners in a new culture or country, to find a reason to fight and shine. Every storm in life is a steppingstone to reach your higher purpose.

What inspired you to become an author?

As someone who aspired to be a journalist, writing has always been at my fingertips. I always knew I would write a book. I was motivated by my divorce. I met an inspiring lady, Jenelle Harris, through a Facebook group, and she advertised a book collaboration. I knew this was the moment even if I had reservations. Once we connected, she explained the inspiration behind Stepping Into Our Territory and I immediately knew I wanted to be part of it.  

As the project progressed, Jenelle encouraged me to write a book. “You have it in you,” she said. I thought it wouldn’t work and that it was too expensive before I asked myself, “Why not?”

Before we completed Stepping Into Our Territory, I self-published Who Are You, Love of God, and Strength in Amazon KDP.  

How do you use your passion to help others?

By telling my story, coaching them to clear the blockages they put up for themselves, and inspiring them to follow their passion. In today’s generation, there are so many resources that enable young people to pursue their dreams at a very early age. It isn’t like my time. That’s also why I’m a certified coach—to be more effective in supporting and mentoring people in achieving their goals and purpose in life. People shouldn’t waste their talents by thinking they have to be rich or have a certain status to succeed. All they need is confidence.  

What surprised you most about writing your books?

When I wrote Who Are You, I didn’t know I would be a trendsetter. The book was me asking myself, “Who are you?” Before I realized it, it was a hot topic in motivational speeches, talk shows, etc. With the current COVID pandemic putting us on lockdown, it really is time for us to reflect on who we are. We must learn a different way of life that begins with answering, “Who are you?”

What advice would you give someone who wants to mirror your success?  

Put aside fear and let the rest fall in place. Don’t start juggling the end before you begin; that’s how we create blockages that stop us from starting. Don’t be careless but remember without risk there isn’t fun.

How do you define success?  

Success is knowing that I’ve impacted one person who’s passed that impact on to someone else in need and the movement continues to grow.

What sense of purpose do you draw from your culture and community?

Our culture shapes how we work and play, how we view ourselves and others. It affects our values and what we consider right and wrong. Our choices also influence others and help shape society.

The purpose I’ve drawn from every culture I’ve experienced—African, Arabic, German—is that I don’t need to belong to be confident in who I am. Not everyone will be part of your tribe or walk with you on your journey; that’s fine. All you need is confidence to achieve your higher self.