In an exclusive interview with Sheen Magazine, R&B Billboard Charting Artist Tanya Nolan bares her soul, sharing the inspiration behind her upcoming single, “Honey.” 

Tanya’s journey is one of authenticity and fearlessly embracing her truth, both as an artist and an individual. Her music, a vessel for narratives that transcend boundaries, has consistently resonated with audiences worldwide.

“Honey” is poised to be a musical aphrodisiac, a sultry and hot composition inviting listeners into a world where passion meets vulnerability. Tanya Nolan is not merely releasing a new single; she is revealing a piece of herself, living boldly and unapologetically in her truth. 

As anticipation builds for this extraordinary musical journey, Tanya Nolan navigates the waves of authenticity, delivering a sound that is genuine and mesmerizing.

Q: Tanya, your journey in the music industry has been remarkable. Can you share the inspiration behind your upcoming single, “Honey,” set to release on February 16th, 2024?

Tanya Nolan: Absolutely, “Honey” is a song that delves into the depths of desire and passion. I wanted to create something sultry and hot, a musical aphrodisiac that invites listeners to savor the taste of love. The lyrics paint an enticing picture of intimacy, offering a seat at my table where passion and connection intertwine. It’s about indulging in emotions and declaring, “Order what you want on the menu, ’cause I’ve been saving you a seat at my table. Get it off until you are full.” It’s a journey of love sweeter than sugar.

Q: Your previous hits, including “Pace Yourself,” “No Pressure,” and the chart-topping “Good Woman,” have resonated with audiences worldwide. How does “Honey” differ from your previous work?

Tanya Nolan: Each song I create is a unique expression of my emotions and experiences. While “Honey” shares the raw emotion and soulful delivery that my fans love, it introduces a new level of sensuality. The track has a sexy, provocative rhythm that sets it apart, creating a musical experience that I believe will leave a lasting imprint.

Q: “Good Woman” quickly became an anthem for many. How do you feel about the impact it had, and do you see “Honey” carrying a similar resonance?

Tanya Nolan: The reception to “Good Woman” was beyond anything I could have imagined. It became an anthem for those who appreciate the value of having a good woman in their lives. With “Honey,” I hope to evoke a similar emotional response. It’s a song that invites listeners to experience a different facet of love, and I believe it has the potential to resonate deeply with my audience.

Q: Your music often reflects your authentic storytelling and experiences. How does your background as a successful entrepreneur in the childcare services industry influence your music?

Tanya Nolan: Being an entrepreneur in the childcare services industry has shaped my perspective on life and love. It’s about nurturing and caring for others, and these themes often find their way into my lyrics. My experiences as a businesswoman and a musician are interconnected, allowing me to bring a unique blend of authenticity to my music.

Q: In addition to your musical endeavors, you’re actively involved in mentoring, real estate development, and spending time with your wife. How do these aspects of your life contribute to your creativity and overall well-being?

Tanya Nolan: Balancing different aspects of my life keeps me grounded and inspired. Mentoring allows me to connect with younger artists and share my experiences, contributing to the growth of the music community. Real estate development is another creative outlet for me. And, of course, spending quality time with my wife is essential for my overall well-being; love and support are powerful sources of inspiration.

Q: What message do you want to convey to your fans as they eagerly await the release of “Honey”?

Tanya Nolan: I want my fans to know that “Honey” is a labor of love, a musical journey that I am excited to share with them. It’s an invitation to indulge in the sweet, passionate moments of life. I hope they find as much joy in listening to it as I found in creating it.

Q: Finally, what can we expect from Tanya Nolan in the coming months? Any exciting projects or collaborations on the horizon?

Tanya Nolan: I’m constantly evolving as an artist, and there are always exciting projects in the works. While I don’t want to give away too much, I can promise that there’s more soulful and powerful music on the horizon. Stay tuned for what’s next!

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Photo Credits: Courtesy of Tanya Nolan