My escapade through Livingstone, Zambia, added a unique chapter to my African journey, setting the city apart from its bustling counterpart, Lusaka. Livingstone, a crown jewel in Zambia’s tourism scene, promised excitement, beauty, and a tad more expense – but oh, was it worth it.

The city, a magnet for thrill-seekers, boasts a kaleidoscope of excursions that might give your wallet a workout, but the experiences are priceless. Cash rules the streets, and while there’s no Uber in sight, the hospitality at your chosen abode ensures a cab is just a call away. Negotiate like a pro, and you’re set for a ride into Livingstone’s adventures.


To amp up the thrill, Visit Zambia, both on ground and Instagram, became my go-to excursion maestro. They orchestrated a mesmerizing Village Walk tour and a heartwarming cub interaction. Lunch at the opulent Royal Livingstone took the experience to another level – zebras posed for pictures, and giraffes became lunch buddies, all complimentary delights of the resort.

My nest during this adventure was the Radisson Blu Livingstone, a new kid on the block that left me in awe. Modern, hospitable staff, delectable cuisine options, a daily sunset cruise, and an on-site luxury spa – this resort was a paradise within paradise. My room? A mini-apartment with a balcony view that became my daily sanctuary. Five stars for this haven; no complaints, just pure admiration.

Livingstone by night, however, told a different story. One evening, I delved into the local nightlife, venturing to a spirited club where the music echoed the beat of local culture. Some might call it ratchet, but I called it a blast. I danced into the early hours, shisha in hand, a bottle of wine by my side – a night to remember, embracing the vibrant spirit of Livingstone.

In Livingstone, the blend of luxury, adventure, and lively nights creates a narrative that will linger in your travel tales. So, fellow wanderers, when Zambia beckons, let Livingstone be your stage for a symphony of unforgettable experiences.


Radisson Blu Mosi-Oa-Tunya, Livingstone Resort