Lizzo never misses a beat when it comes to making a hit and serving looks. Her versatility is killer and it’s a no-brainer that the assignment will be understood regardless of if she’s giving full out glam or everyday natural. For that, we just can’t not thank Lizzo’s makeup artist, Alexx Mayo. With an extensive background in makeup artistry and the fine arts, Alexx’s work is top tier. He creates looks for fashion shows, editorial shoots, red carpets, and more, and he recently partnered up with the lash brand, Velour Beauty. Sheen has the exclusive from celebrity makeup artist, Alexx Mayo and Velour Beauty’s Director of Marketing, Sophia Drozdowska, to help you pick and apply the perfect lashes.

Alexx has been using the brand’s ultra-luxe lashes to beautifully top off the looks of his star-studded clientele, and he told Sheen his favorite Velour picks. “My go-to Velour Lash for a bold and dramatic look is the ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ Vegan Luxe lash,” he says. “I love its mega volume and gradual length that make it an instant look-at-me lash.”

For a more minimal elegant look, Alexx tells us, “I would go with the ‘Are Those Real?’ Velour Vegan Luxe Lashes. The way these disappear into your lash line and give you the perfect amount of length and boost of volume is the best way to have them saying, are those real?!”

If you’re a strip lash girl, you understand that picking lashes is only half of the battle. Mastering the art of actually applying false lashes, is the other half that’ll get you to true bliss, and honestly, it doesn’t have to be a drag. Part of the hassle for a lot of us is that we don’t realize we’re making application mistakes that waste our time, energy, and lashes. There’s levels to this, and we got expert advice from Velour Beauty’s Director of Marketing, Sophia Drozdowska on what it takes to seamlessly apply false lashes. Here’s how:

Give Your Falsies a Trim

“There are a few common mistakes people make when applying false lashes, but we have a few tips (and tools) that can make it so much easier,” Sophia says. “The first mistake people make is not trimming their lashes if they are on a full band. You want to trim the lash so that it fits your eye comfortably. For those who aren’t confident when it comes to preparing lashes, at Velour we have two collections that come on a ¾ length band so there is no measuring or trimming required!”

Velour’s ¾ bands really do allow for a quicker and more comfortable lash application. I personally love the No Drama lash. They’re gently flared, add a natural fullness, and fit every eye shape.

Get Your Glue & Placement Down

“The second application mistake we see is not applying enough (or too much) adhesive,” she says. “You want to brush a thin layer across the top of the lash band and wait for the adhesive to get tacky – we recommend waiting about 30 seconds. Velour’s adhesive will actually change in color from blue to clear, so you know it’s ready to apply!”

Sophia also told us that lash placement is key to an effortless-looking lash. “If you apply the false lash too close to the inner corner it may be less comfortable and could lift up. Apply the lash to the inner corner to where your natural lashes start (about ¼ of the way along). A lash applicator tool can also make placement so much easier!”

Mascara First, Then Lashes

“We always recommend applying mascara before you apply lashes for two reasons, (1) mascara helps to blend the appearance of false lashes to your natural lash line, and (2) if you apply mascara onto false lashes, you can get a build-up on the lashes, and over time you will not get as much wear out of them. Velour lashes can be worn 25+ times with proper care (and that includes not applying mascara onto them)!”

Try Velour’s Pretty Big Deal mascara (one of my absolute favorites!) that strengthens and lengthens your natural lashes. Plus, it blends seamlessly into false lashes.

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Photo Credit Elle UK