It’s no secret 2020 was a loaded year mentally for everyone. The pandemic, job shutdowns, the loss of loved ones, and the anxiety surrounding COVID-19 impacted so many people worldwide. Many entrepreneurs found themselves pivoting their businesses and creating other streams of income in the midst of a pandemic. Chynna Miley, a well known Atlanta event stylist and owner of Events by CCM; decided to launch a nonprofit and foundation during the pandemic to serve those struggling mentally and professionally. The Motivate Your Mind Foundation is set to launch this year!

Why was “The Motivate Your Mind Foundation” created?

The Motivate Your Mind Foundation was created during a global pandemic due to many people around me suffering with depression. Being isolated and alone with a lack of resources can cause depression and sadness. The Motivate Your Mind Foundation was created to empower others to know their worth, never settle for less than what they deserve and eradicate the stigma of mental health. 

Will there be any services provided?

The Motivate Your Mind Foundation will provide resources through workshops, seminars and community events. We will also provide self-care strategies and resources to provide people with opportunities to check on themselves. Our main service will be mental health awareness by attending workshops and events. 

What do you think the key will be to a successful foundation? 

The key to a successful foundation is consistency. In order to become successful at anything you have to be consistent. Proper planning prevents piss poor performance. By planning my content, events and events to give back to the community I know I will make a difference to eradicate the negative stigma regarding mental health. 

What factors did you consider when creating this foundation?

The factors that were considered were the emotions people have felt during this pandemic. The pandemic has been a blessing in disguise depending on your perspective. Moreover, some people were not blessed to have adequate food, resources, and accessibility to the essential basic needs. Even schools, hospitals and grocery stores are going through major changes during this pandemic. These were all factors that were considered. Most importantly mental health was a major factor.

What are your short-term and long-term goals?

If we are still in the pandemic it will be a virtual launch! One of the long-term plans is to host monthly raffles, give-a-ways, grants and even scholarships to others in need. This Foundation will consist of giving back while helping others to use personal development to be a better version of themselves.

If you had 3 words to describe your foundation what would they be, and why?

If I had to describe my foundation in three words, it would be mental, health, and awareness! It would be mental health, and awareness because that is what the foundation is all about! We will provide insight on how to focus on picking yourself up when you are in a dark place. The events and workshops will consist of creativity, support, and self-awareness. 

What strategies do you plan on using to execute your foundation?

I plan on executing monthly giveaways, seminars, workshops and activism in the community by giving back to others. Furthermore, I plan to collaborate and obtain guest speakers to spread their knowledge to others in the community. We have attended multiple events in the community.

 We will also focus on The Motivating Mantras!

  1. Motivate My Mind to walk away from what no longer serves me.
  2. Motivate My Mind to elevate and design the life I love.
  3. Motivate My Mind to see the good in every situation.
  4. Motivate My Mind to ask for help when I truly need it.
  5. Motivate My Mind to believe them when they show you who they are the first time.

All images courtesy of Chynna Miley