New York-based singer/rapper, and producer Lonr. is a two-time Grammy Award-winning artist that is originally from Cape Cod, MA. He started off working off-screen and co-writing with R&B sensation, H.E.R. More recently, Lonr. released his debut EP this past spring and has a new single and music video out to show the world just really all he’s got! We caught up with Lonr. to discuss the EP, his love for music, and much more!

How did you first get into music?

When I was about 5 or 6, I wasn’t really a fan of mainstream music and I started to gravitate towards movie scores. I remember the first piece of music that grabbed me was a composition by Ryuichi Sakamoto called “Bibo No Aozora.” Ever since I heard that, I told myself that was going to chase to create music that gave me that same feeling. I’ve been on a never-ending mission ever since.

What inspired the move from Cape Cod to New York?

I had just dropped out of college and I was working part-time. I was spending half the week on the Cape then the other in NYC, where I would stay with whoever I could, just to work on music legit. I wanted to push and challenge myself to get to a certain level. I felt that step was necessary for my growth. NYC is where the culture is, where the raw energy lives with so many people chasing a dream, and I wanted to be in that race. There would be days where I spent my last dime on a bus back home, and I didn’t even have enough money for a metro card, but it was all worth it.

What was it like co-writing with H.E.R.?

I was blessed to be at a stage with writing where I could keep up with everyone in the room, but I needed some sort of elevation to get me to the next level. Being in the room with H.E.R. taught me so much on how to get things done in the studio. long story short: she’s a beast.

Who would you say inspires you musically?

When I hear that someone has a deeper appreciation for music, it’s always going to inspire me. I think with 90s hip-hop you saw their appreciation for music, how they took the time to go through vinyls and listen to every sound and really flip it to their own idea. Even with artist today that have mastered the craft like Tyler, The Creator, Drake, Kendick Lamar and Mac Miller. But it depends on the situation, I get inspiration from everybody. Somebody could be 10 years younger than me and give me knowledge on something that I’ve never had before. Really just learning new things about music in general is my inspiration.

Tell us about your EP, Land of Nothing Real.

My EP is a display of the different types of emotions and different types of genres that I love to create. I wanted to show people that I’m a versatile artist and I can’t be boxed in.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

What do you can expect from me is to see me more and more and more! And every time, I’ll leave you amazed. I’m getting ready to drop my next project, Land Of Nothing Real 2, so be on lookout!

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Featured Image by Anthony Bryant