A Snowy Day in Oakland is centered around Latrice Monroe, a therapist (Nicole Ari Parker) who decides to end a stalled romance with her longtime, high-profile, psychiatrist, boyfriend/business partner. She moves into a predominately African-American and psychologically ignored neighborhood and navigates her practice, her relationships and her sanity with the town’s biggest personalities Davis (Deon Cole) Jeanette (Loretta Devine), and Theona (Kimberly Elise). Her private practice is located in a vacant, street-front office space in the middle of a small, commercial block located across the bay in Oakland. A Snowy Day in Oakland explores meaningful themes including navigating relationships and family, Entrepreneurship, as well as the importance of exploring mental health issues within the black community.

We got to speak to the legendary Loretta Devine about this new film coming out on March 17th. Devine is known for some of the legendary roles during her career and for also playing almost everybody’s mother in black Hollywood. When asked who has been her favorite actor and actress to play the mother in her career she expressed it’s hard to pick one because in a sense they all become her babies. She jokingly stated that she and Jennifer Lewis  joke about who is the mother of Hollywood, “ I told

Jennifer she just the mother of light skin Hollywood’, as she laughs. 

Devine hopes this movie helps people of color to know it’s okay to seek a therapist to help with your personal problems. She shared that after this pandemic we all need some therapy. We joked about growing up in the black culture where you didn’t go to therapy, but it has been very normalized within these past years. 

Check out the full interview below: