Louis King is far more than a rapper and producer, he’s an activist and Award-winning creator director. Based in Los Angeles by way of West Africa, Louis recently signed to Gala Music, home to artists such as Snoop Dogg, Too Short, Ice Cube & E-40. 

Now, Louis dips his toes into the Web3 world and returns with his newest music video called “Damage,” which serves as a love story packed with artistic and thought provoking imagery.

The five-minute visual is powered by AI, created while on tour with The Outlawz overseas in Egypt. In fact, he uses real hieroglyphics from inside King Tut’s tomb, which is no easy feat!

When asked about the short film, Louis responds, “This is what happens when you take some of the oldest wonders of the world (pyramids, giza, ancient tombs) and put it together with some of the world’s newest technology.”

Beyond this, he also found a way to incorporate fans into the new visual, offering them a chance to be named in the credits if they purchased the $100 drop — which rapidly sold out making him the first Bronze Tier artist to sell out 4 NFT Collections on Gala Music. 

He explains, “It meant the world to me to see my fans show up for me as Web3 executive producers of ‘Damage’. Leveraging the power of Web3 Investing, I gave 150 of my supporters an opportunity to be a part of the official film/music Video. To anyone who is new to Web3, we have seen similar campaigns before such as Nipsey’s ‘Proud to Pay’ where 100 people paid $1000 dollars / 1000 people paid $100.

We’re building an amazing community where my supporters can really make decisions and be influencers on my team that I’m able to grow together with. They have treated my project like it is their own which it indeed is! Special shout out to my Web3 Executive Production team and everyone else who has contributed.”

Fans can stay tuned for Louis’ fifth official Gala Music drop, and his forthcoming album titled no Traffic in LA.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Louis King