Many of us seen the movie, “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” starring Christina Milian and Nick Cannon.

If you’re a part of the one percent who haven’t, basically Christina damaged her mom’s car and in order for Nick to fix it, she had to date him for two weeks.

The title of the movie is also a song by Jennifer Lopez where she talks about how her love can’t be bought.

It’s obvious that we would all rather cry in a Porsche than on public transportation; however, is it worth it? Many people associate love with materialistic things such as diamond necklaces and limited-edition purses. This is a huge problem with today’s society.

Yes, it’s completely fine to shower the person you love with the finest things in life, but there’s an issue when you use those things to make up for the lack of communication and much more.

At this point, you’re putting a price on love.

To be honest, love has no price.

No matter how many times you’re showered with diamonds and trips out the country, it doesn’t matter if there’s no solid foundation. Eventually, the gifts will stop and the problems in the relationship will outshine the materials.

Real love is built on affection, communication and trust, just to name a few.

Once there’s a stable base, materials and trips are just a bonus.

In the words of Jenny from The Block, “Baby, credit cards aren’t romance.”