The month of love is quickly approaching! It’s the perfect time to spice up your self-care regimen.

We believe self-care starts with treating your skin with the most naturalist product that rejuvenates, hydrates, and moisturizes as well as erase dark spots and decrease hyperpigmentation. The only natural product that we know can do a lovely skin miracle is Aloe Vera!

Aloe Vera is known to be rich in vitamins and anti-inflammatory minerals that provides lasting benefits that your skin would love. Most of the benefits comes from the Aloe Vera gel, which can be extracted from the actual plant.

We noted and tested the many products that has Aloe Vera listed as ingredients and was not excited because most of the products were expensive. So, we decided to provide you with some natural Aloe Vera DIY skin masks that are easy to make and not expensive.

We truly love these skin masks!

DIY for dry skin:

1 cucumber (Blend cucumber)

1 tablespoon of honey

1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Apply mixture to your face or troubled skin areas for 20 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.

DIY for oily skin:

2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel

10 – 12 drops of tea tree oil

Whisk all ingredients in a bowl to create a smooth paste. Apply to your face or troubled skin areas and leave the masks on overnight. Wash your face or body in the morning.

DIY for normal or sensitive skin:

1 Banana (Mash in a bowl)

2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel

2 to 3 drops of rose water

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Apply to your face or troubled areas and wait until masks completely dries. Wash off with lukewarm water and moisturize after.


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