We’ve all complained about the pandemic and how it altered our lives in some way, but what have you learned about yourself during this time? Have you taken this time to try out a new hobby or skill you didn’t have the time for before? Have you started working on the plan you’ve been pushing off forever because work was so demanding? Have you tried that new line of income that could put you in a new position? Did you become debt-free and still have wiggle room for play money? Or did you sit back, watch television, eat, talk about what was wrong, and pretty much watch the time pass while expecting change to magically appear? I challenge you to take the rest of this time and learn more about yourself.


What you like/dislike?

Your favorite foods?

Your favorite movie?

Favorite color?

What irritates you?

What can you live without?

What can’t you live without?

The thing that makes you laugh, smile, cry, upset?

Where do you want to be after this pandemic?

What can you change in your life to help build you if we were faced with this again?

How can you depend more so on yourself?

Your weaknesses/How to strengthen them?

Your desires?

What makes you love/want to love?

What helps you grow?

What’s that one thing you’re challenged to get rid of?

Where do you see your future?

What are your desires for the future?

Try something new to relax your mind and body. Whether it be:

Listening to music in a quiet area in your home

Take a drive-in complete silence to clear your head

Working out in your home

Walk on the treadmill


Do yoga or Taebo


Test out a new product

Try out a new app


Reflect on what used to make you happy

Do what brings you peace


Help someone in need

Share your story with a group of women/men

Find a new group that reflects where you’re going

Create a vision board of your thoughts

Reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in while

Do something that will bring you joy, not only during this time but in this season of your life. Take care of yourself because no one else will love you like you do. You have to find what cultivates you and use that to bring balance to your inner being. Read your Bible and build a closer relationship with God. I know I have and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Make yourself a priority so that you can teach others how to make you a priority as well. If you notice, people will treat you the way that you treat yourself and if your second to last yourself, they will place you in that same category. Make a change you’re proud of and can live with elevating as you grow.