Stop worrying about how other people see you and learn to love yourself.

Learning to love yourself is not difficult, and at times you may have to be selfish with your time. This world and the people in it have become so cold-hearted in what they expect from others and not themselves. You owe no one anything, especially when they seek to control you and how you see yourself. When you love yourself, the cares of the world do not affect you. You don’t see the focus on you, and you better believe that is an awesome place to be, no matter your age. The gift of peace is not experienced by many; although everyone wants peace in their life, it is rarely accomplished. You will struggle with peace if you are looking for validation and for others to approve of who and what you are. Simply, seeking love from others can leave you in your head, if not questioning whether you are good enough.

When you are on that voyage of self-love, many are not going to like it. They may even question YOU for loving yourself and where you are in life. It’s their problem, not yours if they don’t love themselves and want to shut down your loving vibe. Here’s what I say- stand tall and let nothing or no one get in your way. Know that some people are unhappy sports who would give anything to be in the place you find yourself in today.

Haven’t you been hard enough on yourself? Isn’t it time to take a step back and praise yourself for the hard work, and positivity you have put forth? Being positive and loving yourself sends off a magnetic vibration that changes everyone that comes into your space. It says that you do not take life too seriously and you find the positive in everything no matter how it looks. All because you have learned to love yourself and seek no one to make you happy.

That makes you a force to be reckoned with! There is no happiness like the happiness you experience from within you. No one or nothing is needed to have it exist, which means no one can take it away from you. Pure love and pure energy—yes, that’s all you, when you know how to operate in that space. You do not allow life events outside of your control to keep you down, but if you happen to make a mistake or two it is not the end of the world. Operating in a place of self-love allows you to move in a place of honesty presenting the world with the best version of yourself while living in a world of self-approval and appreciation for life and those around you. Does this mean other people will be happy seeing you in a place of self-love? Not if they are not where you are and that’s okay. Loving yourself can rub off on those around you making for a positive and stress-free environment.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Who does not want to be stress-free—living and loving life with little to no regrets? We all want this, and we can all have it. Removing those distractions in your life that cause you to live in self-doubt is the road to self-love. One you will not want to get off once you are there. You learn to meet people where they are even if that is not where you are in life. So, stop wasting your time on what people think. Focus on loving yourself. Whether people love you or not will not matter because of the love you have for yourself.