Lucille Croft returns with her highly-anticipated new EP titled PATIENT X, an undeniable body of work that speaks volumes to the recording artist’s wide range of influences in music, visual art, fashion, and design. Clocking in at 5 tracks, PATIENT X was inspired by her love for games, science fiction, and fantasy. Anything that lets her escape from the real world, she loves.

In a summary on SoundCloud, Croft writes, “I was once human, like you. I was under their control, the harder I fought, the worse it got. Every word I spoke, every step I took, all of it, was preordained. I was molded, twisted, shaped, into ‘their’ version of the perfect human, the perfect artist, the perfect woman.

They offer you the future, peace, happiness. What they’re really offering is the removal of your humanity, loss of control. They wanted me to be compliant, obedient, they thought this was their solution to deal with me.

But they didn’t realize what they’d done, until it was too late. They’ve removed my humanity, but gave me so much more. Power beyond imagination. They thought they could control me, but now, I have the power. And now.. I’m out for blood.

Now introducing Patient X.”

This project serves as the manifestation of Lucille’s posthuman form, dangerously free and no longer restricted by industry confines. Having always been told how to dress, how to act, what to post, and how to be the “perfect female artist” time and time again, PATIENT X stands for all things female empowerment.

Sheen Magazine spoke with Lucille Croft about her new project below.

What inspired PATIENT X?

I created a character, with a storyline, and a mission.  Each song is an important part of the storyline, and something you can experience as you listen through.  Another element to the Patient X storyline is that the storyline, while being fictional itself, is inspired from my real-life experiences as a woman in music. Bad Wolf HQ represents those who put me down, tried to control me, tell me how I should dress, what music to play, how to do it etc. The storyline explores me coming into my power, and doing things my way.

What do you want fans to take away from the project?

I’d like fans to immerse themselves into the character and storyline of Patient X, as they listen through the EP.  Each song is a ‘mission’, the EP is structured like that of a game.  I hope this is something they enjoy too, as I plan to build out more characters and storylines in future works!  I also hope the project inspires people to embrace their weird and crazy concepts.  The world needs more crazy sh*t, more extremism, more weirdness.

Favorite songs & why?

From the EP, I don’t have a favorite.  Each song is quite different and I love certain elements from each.  For example, I love Seduce / Destroy because it’s quite a fun song. Patient X is on a rampage of pleasure and destruction with the new powers, and the personality is quite similar to Harley Quinn.  I feel like “Seduce / Destroy” is in way the follow-up from my song ‘Control’.

Outside of the EP, I don’t really have a favorite song.  Someone I’ve been listening a lot to lately is Aphex Twin, and more specifically, ‘Aphex Twin’.  

Anything else you want to let us know?

Patient X is more than just a character, it’s a personality, and a part of me.  The EP is more than a musical body of work, it’s a storyline.  Each song represents a journey for Patient X on the mission, until at the end of the last song ‘More Blood’ – the blood-thirst is satisfied.  For now anyway.

Photos courtesy of Lawrence Bernt